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InfraStop IR™ Radiant Barrier

InfraStop Plus - 8mil, 33lb Radiant Barrier

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Click Here For InfraStop Plus Radiant Barrier

InsulationStop’s Attic Radiant Barrier Foil

Attics are the primary source of heat transfer in a home. The overhead sun constantly emits radiant heat that hits the roof and is absorbed into the attic. As the attic temperatures rise, more radiant heat is absorbed and transferred by the ceiling above down to you and into your living space.

You can stop this transfer of radiant heat however. Aluminum is one of the most highly reflective materials on Earth. Radiant barriers are highly reflective sheets of aluminum foil woven to a mesh or scrim for thickness, strength, and durability. Installed correctly, and they can lower your attic temperature up to 30 degrees.

At InsulationStop.com, we supply the BEST radiant barrier on the market at the LOWEST price. Our attic radiant barrier is Energy Star Approved and at a 8 mil thickness and over 33 lbs. Weight (per 1000 sq ft). it is the heaviest in the industry.

Under Roof Joist Application / Tall Attic Installation Method
Attic Floor Installation Method

Measuring How Much Radiant Barrier Insulation You Need

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If you are planning on installing the radiant barrier on the attic floor you only need to measure for the square footage you intend to insulate. If you are stapling the insulation to the rafters you need to account for the pitch of the roof. First measure your attic square footage. Then determine the pitch or slope of your roof. Use table to find your Pitch Factor. Multiply the Square Footage x Your Pitch Factor = Square Footage of Radiant Barrier Required. Don’t forget to include any gable or other end walls. They will need to be insulated as well.

Measuring how much insulation you will need

InsulationStop's Attic Radiant Barrier Foil Specifications

InsulationStop Tough 33lbs
Need Foil Insulation? InsulationStop.com Has It

Product Specifications

Meets ASTM C1313 Standard Specifications for Sheet Radiant Barriers for Building Construction Applications

Product DescriptionTwo-sided reflecting metalized fim with polyethylene woven reinforcement
Weight33.2 lbs per 1000 sq ft roll
Tensile/Tear StrengthLength: 24.59 pounds force
Width: 21.49 pounds force
ASTM D2261-07a
Pliability70ºF±5ºF & 50±5% Relative Humidity –
No Cracking or Delamination
ASTM C1313-05
Adhesive Performance180ºF±5ºF & 50% Relative Humidity –
No Bleeding or Delamination
ASTM C1313-05
Flame Spread & SmokeClass A/ Class 1
0 Flame Spread, 5 Smoke Development
ASTM Method E84-10
Corrosivity100% humidity at 71±2ºC for 7 days
ASTM D3310-00
Resistance to FungiPASS – No Growth
ASTM C1338-08
Permiability8.19 Perms
ASTM E96-05
Thermal PropertiesEMISSIVITY: 0.05
ASTM C1371-04a


UPS Shipping

InfraStop™ Radiant Barrier ships fast via UPS or FedEx Ground. All orders ships within 24 hours. Orders received in the morning, generally ship the same day. InfraStop™ Radiant Barriers ship in a protective box ensuring it arrives in great condition. Pricing for multiple rolls orders are shown on the individual product page. Please contact us with any questions regarding pricing, ordering, or shipping.

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