InsulationStop Customer Rebate Program

Dear Customer:

Your order qualifies for our rebate program.  Orders are selected for our rebate program based on their uniqueness, size, or overall general interest in showing reflective insulation used in various applications.

Our rebate program is simple.  You provide us with images we can use in our blog posts where we write about reflective insulation and its uses.  We provide you a cash rebate by credit, paypal, or check for the amount specified.

Your rebate amount is $

InsulationStop Rebate Program Details
1.  Provide InsulationStop with digital images of your application (before, during, and after) via email by digital camera, phone, tablet, etc.  Email us at  Or we have  You can upload using their free service where we can access them.
2.  We will send email back thanking you and requesting best method to issue rebate (credit to card used at checkout, paypal, or check)
3.  That’s it!

Thank you for your order and thank you for helping us showcase solutions that can benefit other customers.  We appreciate your business.

Thank you,

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