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rFoil™ SCIF Approved

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A (SCIF) or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility is any area or building whether temporary or permanent that is used to process (SCI) or Sensitive Compartmented Information. Any information deemed sensitive by the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) will secured and processed within a formal access and control system.

In the United States all (SCI) is usually only handled in (SCIF). (SCIF)’s can take all forms. (SCIF)’s can be containers, vehicles, trailers, modular offices, mobile command centers, or retrofit and permanent buildings.

Radiant barriers are often used in the construction of (SCIF)’s. Insulation Stop carries the rFoil™ Ultra NT Radiant Barrier, the only radiant barrier that meets the (SCIF) specification.

rFoil™ Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is an aluminum foil based radiant barrier consisting of two highly reflective surfaces reinforced to a high-strength, tear proof stiffener or scrim. Only the solid or non-perforated configuration meets the (SCIF) specification and is lightweight, flexible, and easily installed in many different building types.

Ordering from Insulation Stop is simple. We are the only distributor that stocks the rFoil™* brand that meets the actual (SCIF) specification as set by the Office of the National

Counterintelligence Executive. There are similar products on the market but they are not *rFoil™. Orders in to Insulation Stop by 12p EST will ship the same day.

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