White Poly Tape 3" x 165'

  • Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
  • Forms Bond that Strengthens Over Time
  • Creates a Seamless Finish to Walls and Ceilings in Exposed Applications
  • Maintains a Continuous Vapor Barrier and Insulation System
  • Repairs Rips and Tears in all of our Radiant Barrier Insulation

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Our Reflective Foil Insulation Tapes are made to the highest quality available. They are designed specifically for use with Reflective Foil Insulation and Radiant Barrier systems. Our tapes are designed with a special UV metalized polypropylene film and a high tack acrylic adhesive. This acrylic adhesive was specially formulated for excellent performance at sub-freezing temperatures without compromising ease of application. Our reflective foil insulation tapes are used to maintain a complete seal in radiant barrier systems. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture, smoke generation, and flame spread. These tapes ability to withstand high and low temperatures variations make them ideal in all insulation applications. Our reflective foil tapes are available in either a metalized aluminum surface or a durable white poly surface. (In applications involving curing concrete and under slab use, the white poly tape is the correct product to use as well as a bubble/foil/bubble or a poly/bubble/foil product.)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Model NumberWPT355



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InfraStopĀ® Specs

Testing & Certifications
All tests on InfraStop® Insulation products are performed at either nationally
approved independent laboratories or at leading universities. Tests are
performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Standards when a standard exists.

Testing results on our Reflective Insulation (Reflective/Bubble/Bubble/
Reflective) product are listed below. For any additional testing information
for this product (or any other), please feel free to call or contact us.

Product Standards
Resistance to fungi or bacteria: InfraStop® does not promote the growth of
fungi or bacteria.

Specification compliance: InfraStop® is covered under the Federal Minimum Standards Code for reflective insulation (HH-I-1252B) for all H.U.D. and F.H.A. projects.

Testing and Certification Documents
  • Thermal Performance ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance of Wall Systems ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance ASTM C335
  • Thermal Performance of Crawl Space ASTM C1363
  • Hot Surface Performance ASTM C411
  • Heat Transfer (Heat Flow Up, Down, Horizontal) ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance of InfraStop™ and Fiberglass in Walls ASTM C1363
  • Heat Transfer of Air-Handling Ducts with InfraStop™
  • Flame Spread and Smoke Density ASTM E84
  • Fungus Resistance Mil-Std 810B Method 508
  • Pliability Test
  • Sound Absorption Test ASTM C423-90a and ASTM E795-83
  • Sound Transmission Loss ASTM E90-90 and ASTM E413-87
  • Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96
  • Tensile Strength
  • Emittance Testing
  • Thermal Performance of Water Heater Jackets
  • Intertek: Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM E84-08
    (Taped Joint Detail) Test Report # 3166908SAT-012
  • Intertek: Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM E84-08
    (Unslit) Test Report # 3166908SAT-011
  • R&D Services: Resistance to the Growth of Fungi ASTM C1338-00 Test Report
    # RD072713FR
  • State of California
  • State of California Licensed Insulation Manufacturer
  • State of Minnesota: Filed with Minnesota Insulation Standards
  • State of Wisconsin: Wisconsin Material Approval, Safety and Buildings
    Division Approval # 920088-1
  • R&D Services Emittance Testing
  • R&D Services: Physical Properties Sheet Width, Length, Pliability, Water Vapor
    Permanence and Aged Water Vapor Permanence
  • R&D Services: Water Vapor Transmission Test ASTM-E96 (Dessicant Method

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