Wrapping Duct Work with Radiant Barrier Insulation

Now that the weather is cooler and most home improvement projects have shifted inside, this is the perfect time to get started on some energy saving DIY insulation projects that can pay you back big dividends on your utility bills.

Wrapping your duct work is one of the most over looked areas when it comes to insulation. Ducts should first be checked for any cracks which can cause air leakage. Air leakage in duct assemblies is a major source of energy loss. Once you are certain everything is in good shape take measurements and carefully plan how you want to wrap your duct run.

Depending on your installation method, you can achieve up to an R-6. This quick, easy DIY project is safe and can be done by virtually anyone. Only basic tools are required such as scissors, tape measure, and a razor knife.

Take a look at our duct wrap installation sheet to get an idea on this easy, energy saving project. Look here for information on our duct wrap spacer kits.

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