Why use Ultra Concrete Barrier rFOIL Insulation under a Concrete Slab?

We insulate under concrete slabs to create a thermal break between the ground and the slab. This helps contain your heat loss, especially in the winter. While all insulation adds thermal efficiency, Ultra Concrete Barrier rFOIL reflective foil insulation is ideal for under slab use for the following reasons:

Patented Design:The sheet of reflective foil lies in between the two layers of clear polyethylene bubbles. Ultra CBF is the only product designed this way on the market.

Ultra CBF Concrete Slab Insulation Moisture Absorption:The bubbles and sheet of reflective foil are not susceptible to water absorption.

Radon Resistance:All codes require the use of a radon barrier in new construction projects. Ultra CBF is an approved radon barrier.

Termite Resistance:Ultra CBF is a mechanical barrier to termites and meets all requirements as an appropriate barrier. For heavy infestation areas call your local code office for advice.

Extremely Low Water Vapor Transmission: Tested in accordance with ASTM E 96, the permeability response was almost zero. Reflective foil insulation in general has low transmission rates. Ultra CBF is an approved water vapor barrier.

Durability: Ultra CBF is designed for under concrete use and easily withstands all of the demands required in pouring concrete. The compression strength is 140 PSI well above the required amount.

Safe and Ease of Installation: Ultra CBF is available in two sizes, 16" or 48" width. The only tools needed to install are a sharp razor knife, foil tape, and a straight edge. Unlike foam board the product is resilient and easy to handle and requires no special equipment.

Read more about this radiant barrier under concrete slab insulation on one of our Ultra CBF product pages at InsulationStop.com

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