Why Use Radiant Barriers or Reflective Foil Insulation?

The amount and specific insulation materials in your home determine the level of efficiency you have. Because most energy use goes to our homes, having the correct combination of products is key to demanding and using less energy. Strikingly, the amount of homes that fall in this category are relatively small. Even homes built as little as a few years ago could withstand an upgrade.

As the recent energy saving push continues, it is always important to recognize that energy savings within a home starts with stopping air infiltration and using the correct insulation specific to your application.

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Adding fiberglass insulation in attics is always a good start. Compliment this with attic radiant barriers and good ventilation, you ensure the most efficient attic possible. You've essentially increased the R-Value but now have the ability to block the transfer of radiant heat, a major mode of heat loss and gain, especially in attics.

Specific types of foil insulation such as Ultra CBF were designed for under concrete slab use. Used with or without an in-floor radiant heat system, the material is superior to work with and holds up better to job site traffic than traditional board insulation.

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Foil is unaffected by water and its insulation qualities will not diminish when wet like fiberglass. Duct and pipe wrap, crawlspaces and basements are also key areas to use reflective foil insulation.

Look at your home. Note accessible areas that you could add additional insulation. Identify areas where the use of a radiant barrier would be effective.

Once you understand how heat is transferred within a home and what insulation is designed to do, it is easy then to choose the right product or group of products to achieve your insulation goals. InsulationStop's Radiant Barriers can get you there.

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