White Poly Foil Insulation: Some Good Uses

As acceptance of radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation technology increases we often get questions about when and where to use the white, poly product.

White or "Poly" is a single or double bubble foil insulation product with white on one side. One side is reflective the other is white.

Many people use the white side to face the interior of their buildings. The foil side will still block radiant heat provided there is an airspace. In some cases, poly white insulation is used where the consumer would otherwise paint. It can be cheaper and provides a thermal barrier as well as reflecting radiant heat.

Ice rinks are another common place to use the poly white product. The white side of the insulation faces the interior. Insulating where livestock is also another area white is very popular. More information can be found on this specific topic by researching the "black globe effect".

And, because only one side is faced using aluminum, the poly white product is slightly cheaper as well, at least at the InsulationStop. Thanks for shopping.

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