Where Can I Buy Reflective Foil Insulation?

Well from us of course. We are located in Albany, New York and Indianapolis, Indiana. If you use foil insulation, you are our customer. We have repeatedly shipped material to every state including Alaska and Hawaii with millions of square feet sold.

Anybody buying foil insulation should consider our value proposition. In the world of radiant barriers and reflective insulation we are the leaders in Quality, Options, Experience, Cost, & Dependability.

1. We offer U.S made material and we offer the best Quality material. All of the insulation we sell is designed for both commercial and residential work. All of the insulation we sell meets or exceeds all current ASTM tests for radiant barriers.

2. Nobody offers the sizing options we do. From single bubble to double bubble, small roll sizes to large custom width rolls, getting product in the sizes you need can save you on material costs for smaller insulation projects and labor costs for larger insulation projects. Our custom size offering is unparalleled and gives you many different options depending on your project.

3. Our Experience. We harness a unique blend of civil engineering experience as well as manufacturing and distribution experience in building materials, specifically reflective insulation. We know where our products should go and how they should be installed to achieve maximum effectiveness.

4. Cost. We offer the lowest price, guaranteed. It's as simple as a phone call if you ever find reflective insulation offered at a better price than ours.

5. Dependability. Because all of our InfraStop® insulation is made to order we are never out of stock. We ship all standard orders in 2-3 business days and custom orders in 5-6 business days with rock solid dependability.

Let us work with you on your insulation project and get to know the Insulation Stop advantage. Click or call today, 1-800-871-0410.

One thought on “Where Can I Buy Reflective Foil Insulation?”

  • mike

    I'm considering the 'pole barn ceiling retrofit' method of stapling your product below the 2 x 4" purlins. I have vented soffit's and a vented cupola centered on the top ridge, I'm assuming the ribbing in the metal panels will allow sufficient air flow from soffit to ridge, but my concern is could there be any rotting of the wood rafters with this method?

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