• The Insulation Stop Value Proposition

    At Insulation Stop we often refer to ourselves as the leader in reflective foil insulation. The two metrics we use to make this statement are our products and our experience, both of which are unrivaled.

    First our reflective foil insulation is made here in the United States, not somewhere in North America and certainly not overseas. This made in America distinction is more important than just product quality. It ensures the foil insulation you purchase has been tested and passes the most stringent ASTM specifications. When you know where your products come from you can determine how they are tested.

    The second metric that defines us as a leader in our industry is our experience. We have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of reflective insulation long before the Internet. Everyone knows the Internet has opened up new, cost effective channels for buyers to source products. Unfortunately, now companies handle multiple, unrelated product lines and expertise is often dropped from the value proposition.

    Here is an example of what we mean. We were shocked when we found a company that sells reflective insulation on one website and belly button rings on another! Maybe they think that after you insulate your pole barn you will want to purchase faux jewelry to celebrate your accomplishment. (Unfortunately, this is not a joke.)

    At the Insulation Stop our background is heavy in building materials and civil engineering, the two main components needed to successfully build and outfit your structures. Unfortunately for our competitors, they just do not stack up in either product quality or experience. Some say imitation is a sign of flattery. In the reflective insulation business we say imitation is just that, imitation.

    Construction is exacting and we know you want things done right the first time. We appreciate the confidence you have put in our experience and our materials to ensure you have a successful project in the end. We enjoy taking your phone calls and discussing the details of your project.

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and want to say thank you to our customers both past, present, and future that have helped make us the leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

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