Tips for Staying Cool While Insulating Attics

Memorial Day is here and summer is now under way. If you plan to install a radiant barrier in your attic chances are your attic temperature is on the rise. Here are some helpful hints to keep you and your attic cooler while working in the heat.

 Stay hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated is important. Attic temperatures can reach up to 135°. Drink water frequently and copiously, anytime you work in the heat.
 Start work earlier in the day: Once attic temperatures rise by mid morning, the heat won't dissipate until late into the evening.
 Plan you attic projects on rainy days: Clouds block some radiant heat and rain helps keep the roof deck much cooler, enough to feel a significant difference.
 Put fans around any gable or louver vents: If you have these vents position fans facing outward. This creates some well needed air movement will keep you more comfortable. It also helps exchange the air for better ventilation.
 Limit the amount of time spent in the attic: Be prepared. Bring all needed tools with you and wear a tool belt or keep them close and organized. Work as efficiently as possible. If attic is extremely hot, work in shifts resting and hydrating often.

We hope these tips are helpful. After your project you can relax and know that because of your radiant barrier insulation, your attic will never be that hot again. You have invested in an insulation technology that will lower your cooling costs by up to 30%

Watch 2 of our installation videos. One is for an Attic Truss Install and the other for a Stick Built Attic Install.

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