• Crawlspace Insulation: An Ideal Bubble Foil Application

    Crawlspace Insulation - Staple TabIf we had to name one of the best performing applications for our Tempshield bubble foil, it would have to be for crawlspace insulation. Solid r-values are achieved in this application as well as foil insulation's proven ability in moisture prone areas. There are two standard insulation methods.

    You can run insulation perpendicular to the bottom of the floor joists or use Tempshield staple tab foil insulation to insulate between the floor joists. Either way you've created a radiant barrier to block the transfer of radiant heat.

    This installation is also perfect for beneath floors with radiant heat. When you insulate under the floor joist, the lost radiant heat from the floor is reflected back decreasing your energy demand. This is especially important in crawlspaces that are not air sealed during your heating season. You can easily have a 50 degree temperature swing between the inside temperature of your home and that of your crawlspace. Putting a radiant barrier in place can be a quick, inexpensive project that can insulate a key area of your home with immediate savings in your heating bills.

  • The InsulationStop Difference: Why Buy From Us?

    It all boils down to one thing. Trust. Trust us when we say we have the best products. In every product category we sell in, our products always meet and often surpass that of other products on the market. Plus, we don't private label our material so you always know what you are getting and from where. We sell Tempshield and rFoil reflective cellular bubble foil and radiant barrier insulation. Tempshield is made right here in the United States and rFoil is made right across the border in Toronto, Canada. For questions you can always call us AND the manufacturer if you require. It's always good to know where your material comes from and that's not always easy when purchasing reflective insulation.

    Trust us when we say we have the best pricing on the best products. We take the time and hassle right out of your shopping experience and offer you free delivery. The price you see on the product pages is the price you will pay. It shouldn't take you longer than a minute or two to get pricing for what you need on our website. Anytime you can't find the best price, please contact us directly.

    We want to make sure we provide you the fastest shopping experience we can. When you are ready to buy, load up your cart and put your order in. Your order ships from one of our distribution points and delivers in 3-5 business days to anywhere in the continental US.

    Both InsulationStop and the manufacturers we purchase from are members of the Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association or RIMA which sets quality standards and participates on national and local levels of building code and governmental agencies. We are the only distributor online supplying RIMA approved insulation products.

  • Rima Verified Radiant Barriers & Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation

    RIMA Verified Label - Radiant Barriers & Reflective Foil InsulationYou say your insulation is RIMA Verified. What does that mean for the foil insulation consumer?

    When the consumer purchases foil insulation, they like any building material purchase, want to get the most product at the best price. Well, we have that here at the InsulationStop, the best delivered price.

    He also wants to get the best product possible. We do that here as well. Best radiant barrier products, and the best prices for foil insulation. Only at the InsulationStop.

    All of the products we list on our websites are RIMA Verified. RIMA, the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association's International Verification Program has been established to:

    "Identify reflective products which have fulfilled test requirements in accordance with the current applicable code standards for each country."

    This ensures that the products you are purchasing have in fact been tested to the standards they list. Only supplying RIMA verified radiant barrier and foil insulation to our customers makes the consumer choice easy. And again, at the best price.

    Contact Rima directly for more information regarding their verification program. Here is a link to their verification page.

    Thanks for shopping at the InsulationStop. We appreciate your business.

  • Insulation for Concrete Slabs & Radiant Heat

    Do you want a thermal break between your poured slab and the ground below? Are you going to install a polyethylene sheet as a vapor barrier? Do you want a radon barrier? If you've answered yes to any of these questions Tempshield Concrete Slab Insulation may be right for you.

    It is an approved radon barrier which is now code in several locations in the United States. At 0.02 Perms, it is already an approved vapor barrier. At 60 lb./in puncture resistance it will hold up to all jobsite abuse and not tear like standard poly. Because of the 5/16" thick cellular construction, the material provides an effective thermal break. This results in an R-1.1.

    Per square foot, Tempshield Concrete Slab Insulation is the most affordable product on the market to provide a vapor barrier and pick up some R-Value. Because the insulation is rolled, in installs lightning fast compared to any board type insulation. Because it's strong and flexible it can be installed on jobs with uneven grade without breaking. It also is lightweight to handle and easy to install. Transportation is not an issue. We ship directly to you.

    Tempshield is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic as well as environmentally safe. The material consists of seven layers. The first white poly layer is bonded to the foil to protect from lime in the curing concrete. Each outer layer is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength. Two inner layers of insulating bubbles resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene gives Tempshield high reliability and strength.

    For the concrete contractor or installer who is looking for a cost effective insulation that provides a vapor and radon barrier as well as thermal performance, you can buy Tempshield Concrete Slab Insulation here, at our Concrete Slabs and Radiant Heat Insulation site. There's no project too large for the InsulationStop.

    To see more, watch our video showing a Concrete Pour with Concrete Slab Insulation.

  • Insulating This Fall: Best Price Reflective Foil Insulation

    As you bundle up and weatherize for the fall and upcoming winter, get the best prices on your reflective insulation. Whether you're insulating your barn or out-building or a small inside project, the InsulationStop has your best prices on our industry leading insulation. Everything we sell is the best quality available. For rolls as small as 48 square feet to our Tempshield reflective foil insulation, for the pro, we continually deliver the best products at the best delivered price, right to your door. At InsulationStop, free shipping is included on every order. Visit online or call today.

  • Tempshield Reflective Insulation: Indianapolis, Indiana & Albany, New York

    We now offer local pickup of our Tempshield reflective bubble foil insulation. For our local customers, you may be able to pick up your order at your local sales office. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as Albany, New York. Use our contact us page or call us directly if you are interested.

    Thanks for shopping at the InsulationStop, proudly offering Tempshield reflective insulation, for the pro.

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