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  • Acrylic Tapes for Radiant Barrier and Reflective Foil Insulation

    Tape is an important component in most radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation projects. It is essential to pipe and duct wrap applications and crucial if a vapor barrier is wanted. Foil tape is also used for sealing any rips, tears, or gaps in your installation.

    The reflectivd foil tape we offer is designed specifically for use with InfraStop® insulation. As tape is used in most radiant barrier insulation applications we intentionally keep our prices as low as possible and will always guarantee our pricing.

    We also realize to complete any large radiant barrier project many rolls of tape may be needed and there is significant cost associated to you for any extra rolls after the project is over. This is why we created a buyback program where we will buy back any unused rolls of tape. Please contact us for more details on this program.

    Our reflective foil tape is available in 2" or 3" widths and 30' or 150' lengths. It is available as aluminum or white poly finish to compete any insulation project. Radiant Barrier Acrylic Tape Insulation The aluminum tape is soft pure aluminum and utilizes a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The reflective foil aluminum tape also:

     Conforms to irregular surfaces
     Maintains reflective/radiant barrier
     Is effective in both hot and cold climates
     Forms strong bond for long life adhesions

    The white poly tape is a polypropylene material with an acrylic adhesive. The white poly tape also:

     Is extremely durable for any installation
     Adheres to any polyethylene or related material
     Conforms to reflective foil or white poly foil insulation to give a seamless look
     Adheres in all seasons and any weather

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