Should You Buy Foil Faced Fiberglass Insulation?

Yes but no. You should certainly use foil facings and fiberglass insulation. But do you want to purchase it as just one product? Maybe not if you are watching your budget.

Foil facings applied to fiberglass insulation although still very common as duct wrap insulation are not as common for standard construction use as they were in this home built in the late 1980's. Check out the pictures below.

We recently set out to find the material and get an idea of what it costs. What we found is that you can still get it in home centers as a special order item typically in pallet quantities.

When we researched cost we were shocked to find out how much the difference was between foil faced, kraft faced, or the unfaced varieties. We did our calculations on about 1,000 square feet.

Basically in all cases, buying unfaced fiberglass and purchasing a standalone radiant barrier saves a lot of money as compared to purchasing the foil faced fiberglass as one product. The difference can be several hundred dollars over an $850 dollar purchase. It's clear the fiberglass companies get a premium for using kraft and foil facings.

Another benefit is when you purchase radiant barriers separately you can find people like ourselves that specialize in the products, ensuring you are getting top quality products. The amount of technical information available for the foil facings on the fiberglass was also very limited.

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