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    SCIF Radiant Barrier Information PageThere aren't many sales here at the InsulationStop. We are proud of our everyday low price. However, we are sure you will appreciate a sale and we want to offer you another great deal. So, for the month of July we are lowering our price on our SCIF radiant barriers.

    SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Essentially SCIF's are stationary or mobile quiet rooms that are constructed to prevent electronic eavesdropping. In the wall construction, a certain radiant barrier is used and this is a SCIF approved radiant barrier.

    There is a fundamental distinction among the rFoil™ SCIF radiant barrier that we stock and any other competitor's product. rFoil™ is the only product listed in the actual specification. Most companies call their standard solid radiant barrier product a SCIF approved radiant barrier when there product has never been tested to the specification. Take a look at the actual spec here on our information page.

    This page also contains rFoil™ literature, technical sheets, installation sheets, and information on wall construction methods. The complete SCIF Building Specification is listed here for your review as well.

    So what's the sale you ask? Until the end of July we are lowering the already low price 10%. You can literally save hundreds of dollars on your order. To get the 10% off, there is nothing for you to do. Purchase material like normal and the total will be discounted on the product pages and in the shopping cart.

    Don't forget that we offer free shipping on all orders! Save money. Buy the right product for the job here at the InsulationStop, your leader in SCIF radiant barriers and reflective foil insulation.

  • Radiant Barrier for SCIF Construction

    rFoil SCIF Radiant BarrierAre you involved in the construction of SCIF facilities? At Insulation Stop, we have created our SCIF Radiant Barrier Section where you can find information on our SCIF wall construction methods as well as downloadable PDF's. Click the link to view the page.

    Information for our SCIF approved, rFoil™ Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is here as well with downloadable rFoil™ product literature, technical sheet, and installation sheet.

    All of the information you need to make your purchasing decision is right here on one page. Click the link to view our SCIF Radiant Barrier page.

    Only rFoil™ makes the SCIF approved product and we offer the material at industry leading, delivered pricing. We hope you enjoy the resource page and thanks for buying from the Insulation Stop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation.

  • SCIF Approved Ultra NT Radiant Barriers

    rFoil SCIF Radiant BarrierWe know you care about the quality and integrity of the materials you are buying. And we know when working on government project work this becomes paramount. When purchasing SCIF Approved Radiant Barriers, don't leave anything to chance. Only rFoil by Covertech meets the specification and makes the 1800-48-125 SCIF product. Buy your rFoil reflective insulation from the insulation pro's at the InsulationStop. Order online or call us today.

  • Are You Installing SCIF Specified Radiant Barriers for Your Projects?

    Attention project managers. Does your job specify a SCIF approved radiant barrier? Buy them here and rest assured you know what you are receiving. Only rFoil Ultra NT radiant barrier product is SCIF approved. To show you, check the specification. The telephone number for rFoil is listed inside.

    Don't chance the integrity of your commercial projects to inferior products or companies claiming their Ultra NT is SCIF approved. If it's not rFoil insulation, it's not Ultra NT and doesn't meet the specification. Buy reflective foil insulation from your trusted source at the InsulationStop.

    Click here for the rFoil Ultra NT Installation sheet or here for the rFoil Ultra NT Technical Sheet.

    Call directly or use our contact us page for any questions you may have. We continually appreciate your business.

  • Radiant Barriers, SCIF, SCI, and Architects

    What is SCI?  SCI is an acronym that stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information. This is any information or materials that are deemed sensitive, usually by government agencies such as the Department of Defense or the CIA. Special controls have been developed that restrict the handling of such information.

    SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. These are secure rooms or data centers that restrict and inhibit electronic surveillance and suppress data leakage. SCIF's are any accredited areas, rooms, buildings, or installations where SCI materials may be processed, discussed, or stored. SCIF projects are subject to government approval and architects are generally always involved.

    How does this pertain to radiant barriers? Certain radiant barrier products have been used successfully along with other materials in the development of these rooms. Their specific use is for RF frequency shielding and sound attenuation, which reduces the intensity of sound pressure transmitted from one point to another.

    At, we carry a SCIF approved radiant barrier product. If you are an architect and require this for one of your projects, please contact us. We would love to work with you on your next project.

    As always, thanks for shopping at for all your reflective foil insulation needs.

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