Samoset Resort

  • InfraStop® Insulation in Action: Protecting Ice Bars at Exclusive Resorts

    Wow, this one was fun! So you want to build an ice bar for your customers? That is what the Sagamore Resort located on beautiful Lake George, New York and the Samoset Resort located on the coast in Rockport, Maine decided to do.

    This is the second year these resorts have opened their Glacier Ice Bars to the public. Attractions include a full bar with seating as well as other seats built to be a king and queen throne, various ice sculptures, and a shot louge to top it off.

    So how do you keep 10 tons of ice frozen? That's where InfraStop® comes in. As the Sagamore Resort is in our backyard, we had an opportunity to visit and watch the crew of the Sagamore close down the bar for the night. Take a look at these images to see InfraStop® in action.

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