Sale! Bubble Foil Insulation: Dallas & Houston, Texas

It's gearing up for another warm weekend. Hopefully, you're being energy conscious in your projects and installing energy saving options. There are plenty of good products in the marketplace. We would like to thank all of our customers in Texas, primarily in the Dallas and Houston areas. Investing in better products and spending extra time ensuring insulation projects are effective for future years will always pay you back, both in energy savings and the actual improvement cost.

For a limited time we will include a free roll of foil adhesion tape for every 48 x 125' roll of insulation you purchase from us. We'll also include a free roll of tape for every two rolls of our 48" x 75'. That can be up to an additional 5% off the cost of your order, on top of our already lowest price guarantee. Everyone is included as long as you're close to the Dallas and Houston areas.

We have the best made products at the lowest, delivered cost. Shop for your Texas radiant barrier bubble foil at

5 thoughts on “Sale! Bubble Foil Insulation: Dallas & Houston, Texas”

  • Jim Strantz

    This seems like a good value for reflective insulation. However, I'd like to buy foil double bubble foil 48" x 100' quantity of 5 or 6. Can I purchase 48" x 100' rolls of foil insulation from you? Please respond.

  • Chris Laporte

    Can you ship the foil insulation to my job site?

    • Insulation Stop
      Insulation Stop August 19, 2011 at 7:35 pm

      Yes, we offer free shipping directly to your jobsite if you require. The site must be accessible for standard traffic.

  • peter

    I bought some of double foil insulation.
    I have a radiant heat system in my house (warm floor) – hydronic.
    My living room is heated this way, and there’s an unheated crawlspace below this room
    So, there are lots of insulation between the floor joists, 6 inch fiberglass insulation.
    Now my question is - how should I install your product?
    Should I take out the old fiberglass, put in radiant barrier between joists, and then install fiberglass to the underside of the barrier?
    Or, can I go an easy way, by just stapling my radiant barrier to floor joists below the fiberglass? Looks way nicer this way....
    What would be a more efficient way to go?
    Have you done any studies about those two different ways of installation?

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