Sale - Under Slab Radiant Heat Insulation - Ultra Concrete Barrier Foil

If you're planning on pouring a slab and installing in floor radiant heat, make sure you maximize your investment and insulate. Ultra Concrete Barrier Foil was designed for this purpose. As your radiant heat flows, it flows in two directions. The first is your living space, where you want it. The second is the ground underneath your slab where you don't. Ultra CBF lies between your slab and the ground. It's a radiant barrier so it reflects the lost radiant heat heading to the ground back to the slab and into your living space where it belongs. The unique, patented design of reflective aluminum in the middle and industrial strength bubblesConrete Barrier Foil-CBF-Radiant Barrier Insulation to the exterior ensures the reflective layer is never in contact with the concrete or ground protecting its radiant barrier qualities. This is the only product on the market designed like this and patented for under slab and in floor under slab radiant heat projects. It is the premier product in the industry.

As one of the most viewed and purchased products in our catalogue, we wanted to run a special price promotion for all of you early birds that are already getting in high gear for the upcoming season and demand the best. For one week, we are offering deep discounts on the best under slab and radiant heat insulation money can buy. As always, thank you for your business,

2 thoughts on “Sale - Under Slab Radiant Heat Insulation - Ultra Concrete Barrier Foil”

  • Bill Thornton

    Please quote the cost of 300 sq. ft. roll of Ultra Concrete barrier foil shipped to 87530 zip code

    Thank you--

    • Insulation Stop
      Insulation Stop March 10, 2011 at 10:11 am

      Bill: Ultra CBF comes in either 167 sq ft rolls or 500 sq ft. Please see the enclosed link. Shipping is Free.

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