Reflective Pipe Wrap Insulation: The Insulation Stop Advantage

Insulating hot water pipes is an affordable insulation project that will easily pay for itself time and time again. In many houses the pipe work is in basements and crawlspaces. These cold areas rob heat generated by water heaters. As you demand hot water from your system, heat radiates out of your pipes into the cooler surrounding air. Reflective foil pipe wrap insulation creates a reflective barrier between pipes and their surroundings that stop this flow of radiant heat.

If you are shopping for pipe wrap insulation take a look at our InfraStopâ„¢ line of products. We offer 3 sizes of spiral pipe wrap insulation that installs by winding the product down the length of the pipe. We also have a linear pipe wrap insulation that has an adhesive strip that allows you to wrap the pipe in lineal lengths. There is a video on the product pages showing you the difference between the two types.

Case quantities and discounts are available online for larger projects and contractors looking to purchase at the best prices. InfraStop® insulation is made right here in the United States. We offer the best prices and best quality reflective insulation products on the market. Shop online or contact us today.

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