Reflective Insulation & Heat Waves: Record Highs Set for June

The Southwest is hot now, record breaking hot.  Death Valley set their all-time June record yesterday at 128 degrees.  The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth is in Death Valley, 134 degrees in 1913.

Las Vegas also tied its all-time record high temperature of 117 degrees yesterday.  The low temperature yesterday was 89 degrees there which also ties the cities all time highest, low record.

With all of these records, it is time to talk about materials that can help you in these situations.  Reflective insulation will help in these extreme conditions and here is why.

The problem with attics, metal and steel buildings and steel roofed barns and pole barns is the metal and asphalt shingles can reach temperatures much higher than the ambient outside temperature.  This is also true for recreational vehicles, buses, and campers.

This excess heat has to go somewhere and is radiated into cooler areas, your livable space.  This heat exchange will operate constantly until the heat is blocked or the inside is hotter than the outside.  This extra heat from above can continue to radiate through the evening and night well after outside temperatures have lowered.  Most of this is unnecessary.

Reflective insulation blocks 97% of this heat transfer when installed correctly with the proper air space.  There is no better insulation to block the transfer of radiant heat than InfraStop® reflective insulation and because it's so thin it can be easily used in all the building types above.  It's also perfect for RV's, transportation, and food and material packaging because it is non-toxic as well as being thin, flexible, and easily workable.

You cannot avoid the outside temperature.  But at least with insulation, you can certainly help avoid any increased heat absorption by using reflective insulation, especially in these high heat prone areas.

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