Reflective Insulation Distributors & Suppliers: An Important Distinction

InsulationStop RIMA Certificate InsulationStop RIMA Certificate

All products are not created equal. Neither are suppliers. InfraStop® reflective insulation, sold by InsulationStop is the best quality reflective foil insulation material available. Whether you have an application that needs a radiant barrier or our reflective bubble foil insulation, there is an InfraStop® product and size to fit.

InfraStop® is made here in the United States. All products meet or exceed ASTM testing for reflective insulation. This is important because an ever increasing amount of reflective insulation is coming in from China and surrounding areas where quality controls are not guaranteed. We have been able to keep a pricing advantage over even these products so price is not a criteria in your purchasing decision. You can comfortably buy the best.

Regarding distribution, there are many products sold online and sold by a variety of people and companies. In many cases you can purchase a product from a supplier who has no idea what they are selling. They can fulfill your order but nothing else.

At InsulationStop this is not the case. We combine over 70 years of engineering and building material experience, as well as 15 years specializing in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation. We bring a wealth of information not only about the product and its applications but also about competitive products and information on even non-competitive insulation products to ensure you are getting the correct insulation package for your project.

We are also members of RIMA, the Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association. As far as we know we are the only online supplier of reflective insulation that is a member of RIMA.  This is an important distinction.

We are committed to supplying you the best products available at the best possible prices. We appreciate your business and thank you for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

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