Keep Perishable Foods Fresh and Always Ready for Purchase with Reflective Foil Insulation

Farmer's Market in ArizonaFruits and vegetables need warmth and sunlight to thrive--that is, until they are harvested and removed from the tree, vine or plant that was keeping them alive.

Once picked and readied for shipment, fresh foods become vulnerable to even the slightest rise in temperature. People operating farmer's markets or in the business of shipping fresh foods to remote locations know how quickly bacteria can destroy fruits, vegetables and meat that is not kept thoroughly chilled. Fortunately, packaging dilemmas concerning the safe shipment of fresh foods can be solved with reflective foil insulation.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs and Waste with Reflective Bubble Foil

When you use our reflective insulation, you can ship any perishable items with confidence and know that it will arrive to its destination fresh, delicious and safe. In addition to being non-toxic and recyclable, reflective foil insulation also offers these advantages over non-reflective packaging materials:

  • Thermal value properties
  • Prevents odors from transferring to other foods
  • Ensures that fresh products retain their natural taste, color and quality
  • Substantial reduction in warehousing and freight expenditures
  • Reflective foil insulation is easily fitted to any size packaging container and requires minimal handling.


How Quickly Can Food Spoil?

It only takes an hour for packaged fresh food to start spoiling under the right conditions.

Fresh food starts spoiling as soon as the interaction of moisture, heat, oxygen and bacterial growth creates conditions ripe for food to start rotting. Bacteria called "facultative anaerobes" thrive everywhere regardless of oxygen content while toxic molds need a minimal amount of oxygen to develop. Spoilage also occurs when negligible changes in humidity affect fresh foods that have been improperly packaged. Photodegradation, or spoilage due to light, causes fresh foods to lose their nutritional value, attractive color and natural good taste as well. Consumers will always avoid purchasing discolored food even though the discoloration does not mean the food is spoiled.

Give Your Customers the Delicious, Home-Grown Foods They Want

Eliminate costs associated with losing fresh foods to damage or spoilage due to appropriate packaging practices by protecting perishable food with affordable, easy-to-use reflective foil insulation. Customers will love the taste and appearance of your fresh fruits and vegetables wrapped in reflective foil and you will enjoy saving on overhead expenditures related to food lost to spoilage during transport.

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