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  • InfraStop® IR Reflective Pallet Cover

    How do Reflective Pallet Covers Work?

    Reflective pallet covers are usually made up of a few core components all working together to shield the items inside from irregular temperatures. In addition to specially-designed sheets that are usually made of plastic or foam, the covers also include metalized films that act as reflective material.

    To this end, these covers are designed with two goals in mind: minimizing the transfer of heat outside the pallet and preserving the temperature inside. In normal situations, radiant heat from sunlight exposure (for just one example) could be absorbed by a traditional pallet cover or other packaging materials, quickly causing the temperature of the associated items to rise in an unpredictable way. The right pallet cover, however, can stop this from happening no matter what is going on in the environment around it.

    Even in situations where a pallet of goods may be exposed to direct sunlight, reflective pallet covers block radiant heat entirely - allowing the condition of the goods inside the pallet to be unaffected regardless of the temperature in the surrounding environment.

    Extreme temperatures are one of the natural enemies of a wide range of different products. In the case of pharmaceutical goods, for example, allowing the temperature to get too high could alter the chemical composition of something like medicine, causing it to lose effectiveness or possibly to not work at all. In the case of fruits and vegetables, heat could artificially limit their lifespan - leading to a pallet of food that arrives at its destination in such poor condition that it needs to be disposed of right away.

    The Major Benefits of Reflective Pallet Covers

    By far, the number one benefit of using reflective pallet covers comes down to the superior temperature control capabilities they provide. Certain items that are shipped like food, flowers, pharmaceuticals and more could be harmed or totally damaged if they're allowed to heat to beyond a certain temperature. Unfortunately, due to the way that shipping facilities operate, you can't guarantee that a particular pallet will stay out of direct sunlight all day long.

    With a reflective pallet cover, however, these concerns can be eliminated because they're specifically designed to block radiant heat in the first place. This is especially true when you're talking about items that are shipped in steel containers, as the heat absorbed by the metal can cause the temperature to rise to extreme levels very quickly.

    By blocking radiant heat, reflective pallet covers can help preserve a safe temperature for the aforementioned types of perishable items and more, guaranteeing that they arrive at their destination as safely as possible every time.

  • Hot Attics and Summer Heat

    Spring is definitely here and in most climates in the country we have already experienced a warm spell. Chances are if your home is older and under insulated or you are located in a warm climate you have already felt the downward heat radiating from your attic.

    Reflective insulation is the easiest, most efficient, and most economical choice when trying to block overhead heat gain. Every year about this time we start beating the drum to get in the attic and take a look around. Before you go up, don't forget to read, Adding Attic Insulation, Don't Forget the Radiant Barrier.

  • Video: InsulationStop's Concrete Slab Bubble Foil Insulation

    Affordable Concrete Slab Bubble Foil Insulation from InsulationStop.com

    This 16,000 square foot building was completed in three pours. The installation of the insulation took approximately three hours with three people. Located in rural southern Illinois, this new metal building equipped with geothermal heat and insulated slab will provide years of affordable service.

    For use in under slab and in floor radiant heat applications, our layered bubble foil insulation is an economical alternative to rigid foam board insulation. It costs less and installs faster. It's easier to handle and transport. It installs well on rough grade.

    Our concrete slab insulation also replaces the need for a stand alone vapor barrier and when the seams are taped is an approved radon barrier. We can make product in standard 48" roll widths right up to 10' so you can easily and quickly insulate any job. Larger roll widths mean faster installations.

  • Radiant Barriers & Cast Iron Radiators: Another Simple Energy Saving Project

    Another fun, easy energy saving radiant barrier project if you have cast iron radiators in your home.

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