Radiant Barriers, Cell Phones and Radio Reception

It's always sad to watch the spread of misinformation directed to the consumer in an effort to protect one's competitive business interests. It's especially sad when the accusations are against products that will help lower consumer's utility bills.

To set the record straight, radiant barriers do not adversely affect radio and cell phone communications. These bogus claims are old, older than you probably know. They actually have been addressed over 65 years ago!

In September 1946, Professor Gordon B. Wilkes of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) wrote the following:

"In my opinion, the question of static, electrical contact and grounding is of no importance. I have known a great many houses insulated with aluminum foil and have yet to hear of any trouble from lack of electrical contact or grounding. This question was raised over ten years ago by competitors of aluminum foil insulation but no authentic case of trouble from this cause has every been brought to my attention."

Furthermore, we've never had any of our customers inform us of any cell phone or radio reception issues either. Hopefully this helps clarify the issue.

We know not everyone will agree with this post. So, we'd love to hear from you. In an effort to further inform consumers, please also include your experience on the subject. Comments are open.

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