Radiant Barrier Foil: Insulating Hot Tubs

If you've ever wanted to insulate your hot tub, here are some great DIY pictures and directions to show you how. Recently, one of our customers purchased a single roll of foil bubble insulation from us to insulate his hot tub and hot water heater. Here are some of the pictures from his insulation project. They are so good that we wanted to share them with you.

The first part of the project was to move the hot tub to a different area on his deck. The tub was moved and the black material you see underneath was added to eliminate vibration on the deck which makes the tub quieter while in use.

To complete this installation, the finished walls on the hot tub were removed. A layer of our foil/double bubble/foil insulation was laid down on top of the mat, slightly larger than the footprint of the tub.

The tub was then laid in place and the extra material was folded up and attached to the sidewalls. The foil insulation was then cut to size (roll size ordered was 48" tall) and attached with an electric staple gun to the wood frame around the hot tub. All of the seams created were taped and sealed with our reflective foil tape to ensure a complete radiant barrier was accomplished.

The side wall finishing panels were then re-attached and before long the project was complete.

What is interesting to note after reviewing the photographs is the use of foam board insulation in between the wood strapping. As a noise reducer this material may be effective. As an insulator, it will not do much. The addition of a radiant barrier will surely make operating this tub more efficient and will certainly go much further than the standard insulation to keep heat from escaping.

We at InsulationStop.com want to thank our customer for sending us the photos and allowing us to publish on our blog. Since he has requested his name remain anonymous, we'll just call him Larry.

Projects and information like this are very valuable in helping to reduce energy use and save money in the future.

Thanks again for letting us share your project Larry. Click here to view more radiant barrier foil insulation applications.

2 thoughts on “Radiant Barrier Foil: Insulating Hot Tubs”

  • Jan

    i am not clear,
    does your article say the insulation is only good for sound or is it also good for electricity efficiency...
    does the material go on the outside of the shell so that the silver shows when done or is the silver stapled inside the wood shell....
    I thank you much...as I am so ....
    looking to maximize electricity efficiency
    Jan Attard

    • Insulation Stop

      Hi Jan. What do you mean when you say electricity efficiency? The insulation will help deaden sound but also retain radiant heat now allowing it to escape.

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