Radiant Barrier Cool Roof Requirements in Roseville, California

In Roseville California, in order to obtain a re-roof permit you need to meet certain code requirements. An alternative to these, "Cool Roof Requirements" as they are called is re-roofing while using radiant barrier insulation. After further examination, this is a solid energy savings concept.

You need a permit to re-roof in Roseville and you have to meet additional energy requirements. At a minimum, they are only requiring you provide a radiant barrier in your attic. And from an insulation and energy efficiency perspective you should.

If every home in Roseville was re-roofed or built new using radiant barrier foil just in the attics the amount of savings in total to those homeowners would be significant. The product cost is a small fraction of the long term savings. And insulating from within the attic (not the roof top) can easily be done by the competent homeowner. 

We wanted to share with you this information. This is a good step to a more efficient tomorrow.

Here's their radiant barrier re-roof alternative radiant barrier cool roof requirement roseville california. It's a good page and shows you the different installation methods they accept. And, here are their complete cool roof requirements.

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