Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation: Why are they Important?

Attic radiant Barrier InsulationReflective foil insulation or radiant barriers block 96% of radiant heat transfer. In attic applications this is the most common form of heat transfer.

In the summer the sun heats up the rooftop. As the rooftop warms, it radiates or transfers this heat to the sheathing and roof framing members and then down through the attic floor and into your living space. In the winter, the process is in reverse. Your home loses heat to the cold attic and roof.

When you install a radiant barrier you block 96% of this radiant heat exchange. The effectiveness of existing insulation is also improved because foil insulation helps to control moisture which even small amounts makes fiberglass ineffective. The product is perforated which allows maximum moisture control.

Radiant barriers are safe, fiber-free, and easy to install. Unlike other insulations, they are highly resistant to moisture, mold, or rodent nesting. They are the only solution to providing radiant protection against summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

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