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  • Pole Barns and Steel and Metal Building Insulation Advantages

    Using bubble foil or bubble pack insulation has certain advantages in pole barns, post frame buildings, and steel and metal buildings. Traditional insulations are typically installed directly to the roof deck. Condensation has been known to occur where they are applied in contact with the roof deck, especially if compression and vapor tight seams are present. Condensation caused by high humidity can cause corrosion, decreased thermal performance, possible mold and mildew. This results in extra labor and added material expense that can be costly.

    Reflective insulations applied in pole barns, post frame, and metal and steel buildings with a thermal break prevent metal to metal thermal bridging. This inhibits condensation problems by keeping the exposed insulation surface above dew point. Other benefits to installing reflective insulations are they are mildew resistant, have great thermal performance, are easy to install, and are safe and environmentally friendly. The material also resists rodents and nesting, provides a vapor retarder, and improves lighting.

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