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  • Insulating a Pole Barn with Reflective Insulation - Customer Project

    It is always great to receive pictures of our foil insulation used in the field. This project comes from a customer in Central New Jersey who insulated his newly built pole barn using our InfraStop® double bubble insulation.

    Take a look at his project by clicking on the image or the New Jersey pole barn insulation link here. You will notice the "above the purlin" installation method commonly used in new construction and be able to see how the side walls are insulated.

    We would like to thank this customer for providing photographs of his project that we can use to help other customers properly insulate their pole barns and post frame buildings.

    Please contact us anytime regarding installation methods or to discuss any of the applications where reflective foil insulation is effective.

  • Insulating Side Walls - Pole Barn Insulation

    Inside Girt Installation Method - Pole Barn Insulation

    Outside Girt Installation Method - Pole Barn Insulation There are many ways to install insulation in post and beam buildings. We recommend three ways to install our InfraStop® pole barn insulation in side walls.

    For new construction, you can install the material either the outside or inside the girt method. The inside the girt application method is also used for hanging insulation after the barn is constructed. Insulation is ran vertically or horizontally from pole or post and attached directly to the girt.

    For horizontal installation it is optimal to have the edges of the two pieces of insulation to meet directly on the girt. For vertical installation this is not as important because you are attaching every several feet perpendicular to the girt. This makes taping the seams easier, ensuring you are creating a good vapor barrier.

    The outside the girt installation method is only available during new construction, before the metal walls are up. The insulation is applied to the exterior of the posts and girts. The metal siding is then attached directly to the girt over the insulation.

    These are two basic methods to use when installing our pole barn insulation in your post and beam or pole barn project.

    Click on the images to view specific installation instructions. As always, please contact us anytime at 1-800-871-0410 for questions regarding your projects.

  • Pole Barn Insulation: Installing After Barn is Complete

    Foil Insulation Roof Install - Bottom of PurlinMany barns are insulated at the time of construction. This is generally the fastest way to install insulation as there is little or no obstructions and the insulation can be installed in conjunction with the rest of the barn.

    But what do you do if you want to add insulation later? Don't worry, this post will spell out some basics and get you on your way to an energy efficient barn.

    Let's first deal with the ceiling or roof. You have two options to hang insulation. You can install the insulation underneath the purlins as in the first picture or underneath the trusses as in the second.

    The deciding factor to work around the purlins at the rooftop level or a relatively easy install under the trusses may come down to your climate and whether you are going to heat the barn. See our older post on Barn Insulation: Finding the Right Type.

    Regardless of your decision, both of these methods are high performing places to install our InfraStop® pole barn insulation due to having two airspaces in both installs.

    Foil Insulation Ceiling Install - Bottom of TrussTo install on the bottom of the purlins, run the material down from the ridge pole to the top of the sidewall where the truss and top wall plate meet, covering and stapling the ridge pole and the top plate at the side wall. Tape all butt seams with reflective foil tape ensuring a proper bond occurs.

    Installing under the trusses is faster. If you have 24" or 48" spacing between trusses, you can install directly to the bottom cord of each truss. If not, nail 1" x 2" furring strips to the bottom cords running perpendicular to the trusses on 22" centers. Install 24" or 48" insulation. For both installs, staple approximately every 4" and tape all seams, again ensuring a proper bond.

    For the walls, run the material inside the girts stapling the material to the girt itself. The insulation can be installed horizontally or vertically. If installed horizontally the insulation can be ran across the face of the girts, stapling to the side/face/side and continuing to the next girt in line. Again, tape all seams ensuring a good bond.

    Foil Insulation Side Wall Install - Inside GirtsTo attached interior paneling, run 1" x 2" furring strips to the girts over the insulation. Attach interior panel to the furring strips.

    Reflective insulation, with its relative low cost versus traditional insulation types, and solid performance can make a big impact on your comfort by providing a barrier to either keep heat in or out. Installing InfraStop® creates a radiant barrier and a vapor barrier to help control heat and moisture to prolong the life of your barn and its belongings.

  • Insulation Stop Launches New Pole Barn Insulation System

    Insulation Stop, the nation's leading provider of radiant barrier and bubble foil insulation is pleased to offer the InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System to its customer base. This pole barn solution allows consumers the ability to insulate their pole barn or post frame building.

    The choice on how to insulate a pole barn or post frame building and which product to use is widely debated. Moisture and air infiltration as well as site specific considerations need to be determined. Fiberglass insulation has proved largely ineffective in insulating these areas. InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System was designed to provide one effective material for all applications.

    "Common new construction and retrofit applications this system covers include the roof and walls as well as under slab if one is present in two interior colors, foil and white.  Foil insulation performs exceptionally well in these applications. One reason is its resistance to moisture. Barns and post frame buildings are prone to condensation", stated Nick Semon, owner of Insulation Stop.

    "In heating seasons, radiant heat escapes through the walls and ceilings of your building. This can be especially wasteful if you are using an expensive fuel source. The foil insulation blocks this transfer of heat and reflects it back toward the interior space. The same concept applies in the other hotter months. The foil insulation blocks the transfer of radiant heat generated by the sun reflecting this heat before it enters your building. A radiant barrier, by definition blocks the transfer of radiant heat. Using reflective insulation in any application in this system is a great, low cost investment to reduce your heating costs."

    For more information on radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation, please visit InsulationStop.com.

    Nick Semon is co-owner of Insulation Stop. They offer individual and bulk orders of U.S. made radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products for commercial and residential use. The company is committed to offering extensive knowledge on the use and application of its reflective insulation products.

    Click here to view the original Pole Barn Insulation System press release.

  • Sale on Insulation for Metal Buildings and Barns

    For the next 3 weeks we are offering our Tempshield™ reflective one side single bubble foil insulation at unbelievably low prices. This reflective one side, white on the other bubble insulation is the perfect low cost insulation for your steel, metal building or pole barn.

    At either 500 or 750 square feet rolls, our Tempshield™ foil insulation allows you insulate like a pro In fact some metal building installers only use single bubble.

    Our low, delivered price is your best solution for low effective, fast installing insulation for your out-buildings. Shipping is included on all orders at the InsulationStop. All of our insulation is made right here in the United States and is the best bubble foil insulation available. Lead time from point of order to delivery is 5-6 business days. Click the links to view the product sale.

    $106.00 per/roll delivered - Single Bubble White Reflective Insulation: 48" x 125' (500 square feet) $155.00 per/roll delivered - Single Bubble White Reflective Insulation: 72" x 125' (750 square feet)

    Thanks for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barriers and reflective bubble foil insulation.

  • Barn Insulation and Fuel Sources

    One of the most enjoyable things about our job is we offer products to consumers that save them money. Insulation. Everyone needs insulation to some capacity. I bet the people who make and sell great winter coats like the fact they offer a good product at a good price.

    This post is about a conversation we had with a potential customer who is looking to insulate his on slab pole barn and wanted to create a finished insulation system. He already has single bubble reflective one side in the rafters but that is the extent of his barn insulation. He is interested in insulating the side walls and running a second layer of material across the bottom of the trusses effectively creating a ceiling 12' high.

    What is interesting in talking to the customer and about his specific building is that he wants to be able to keep the building at mid 40° F hopefully 50° F when the outside temperature is -10° F during a Montana winter.  If this was a residential house without any other insulation with a residential heating system in Montana, this would be financial suicide. You would be essentially paying your local utility company extra money because you are way under insulated for your climate and preferred heating temperature.

    But, if this is your shop and you have a good heating system installed and access to resources like firewood in this case, reflective insulation is an easy low cost alternative to spending a lot of money on insulation. You only need to pay a lot for insulation when you have to pay a lot to heat or cool your building.

    In this customer's case, insulating the sidewalls will finish his insulation system. Basically, sealing the building is the first, best step to heat retention. Lowering the insulating space by running insulation across the bottom of the trusses and creating a ceiling as the customer suggested will also be helpful. The nice thing is the customer can insulate the sidewalls first and add the second layer overhead at a later date if they feel it is required.

    It is always important to understand your goals and costs when evaluating how you should insulate your buildings. Looking closely at your usage, heating costs, insulation costs, and lifespan you will own the building will give you a good idea of how much you should pay for insulation. Looking at a particular project in detail is always helpful in demonstrating how effective and cost effective using our or any insulation will be.

  • Cheap and Easy Barn Insulation

    Do you need some insulation? Are you building a pole barn? We offer the best solution on the market if you need to insulate your barn or an area within.

    Our Tempshield pole barn insulation is reflective, keeps heat out in the summer and reflects interior heat back in during colder seasons. When looking across at all of the types of insulation available, reflective insulation gives you the most initial insulation value at the least cost to you. Or you can add it to your buildings existing insulation package and get the benefits of utilizing a radiant barrier.

    Provided your barn is not in a sub-artic climate, foil insulation keeps heat out in the summer months and keeps heated spaces warmer or heat in during the winter months. It's your low cost option to get the most bang for your buck when deciding to insulate your building. In most cases you can add additional insulation without disturbing your installation. If not, our Tempshied insulation can always be reused.

    We can custom make rolls to ten foot lengths or use the standard four foot bubble pack insulation rolls. We have industry leading prices combined with free delivery. Click or call us today.

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