Pole Barn Insulation: Installing After Barn is Complete

Foil Insulation Roof Install - Bottom of PurlinMany barns are insulated at the time of construction. This is generally the fastest way to install insulation as there is little or no obstructions and the insulation can be installed in conjunction with the rest of the barn.

But what do you do if you want to add insulation later? Don't worry, this post will spell out some basics and get you on your way to an energy efficient barn.

Let's first deal with the ceiling or roof. You have two options to hang insulation. You can install the insulation underneath the purlins as in the first picture or underneath the trusses as in the second.

The deciding factor to work around the purlins at the rooftop level or a relatively easy install under the trusses may come down to your climate and whether you are going to heat the barn. See our older post on Barn Insulation: Finding the Right Type.

Regardless of your decision, both of these methods are high performing places to install our InfraStop® pole barn insulation due to having two airspaces in both installs.

Foil Insulation Ceiling Install - Bottom of TrussTo install on the bottom of the purlins, run the material down from the ridge pole to the top of the sidewall where the truss and top wall plate meet, covering and stapling the ridge pole and the top plate at the side wall. Tape all butt seams with reflective foil tape ensuring a proper bond occurs.

Installing under the trusses is faster. If you have 24" or 48" spacing between trusses, you can install directly to the bottom cord of each truss. If not, nail 1" x 2" furring strips to the bottom cords running perpendicular to the trusses on 22" centers. Install 24" or 48" insulation. For both installs, staple approximately every 4" and tape all seams, again ensuring a proper bond.

For the walls, run the material inside the girts stapling the material to the girt itself. The insulation can be installed horizontally or vertically. If installed horizontally the insulation can be ran across the face of the girts, stapling to the side/face/side and continuing to the next girt in line. Again, tape all seams ensuring a good bond.

Foil Insulation Side Wall Install - Inside GirtsTo attached interior paneling, run 1" x 2" furring strips to the girts over the insulation. Attach interior panel to the furring strips.

Reflective insulation, with its relative low cost versus traditional insulation types, and solid performance can make a big impact on your comfort by providing a barrier to either keep heat in or out. Installing InfraStop® creates a radiant barrier and a vapor barrier to help control heat and moisture to prolong the life of your barn and its belongings.

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