Pole Barn Insulation Application and its Benefits

An uninsulated pole barn, garage or farm building always bears the risk of having problems with condensation at certain air temperatures. Using our pole barn insulation helps to regulate temperature and moisture inside the building to make a structure safe and comfortable for its inhabitants.

The non-toxic insulation material, which is recyclable, is both fire and moisture resistant. The product does not promote the growth of fungi and bacteria and is non-corrosion to make the building lasts longer.

The reflective insulation consists of reflective foil layers on the outside fused to interior bubble layers. It is thin, lightweight, flexible and strong and can be cut with a knife. The product is easily stapled, nailed and glued in place.

The roof of a pole barn or building is insulated by placing the insulation blankets at the top or bottom of the trusses. Metal roofing is attached above the rafters. In either case the insulation blankets are positioned below the roof deck.

In the warm months, without insulation, the temperature radiating from the hot roof and walls of the pole barn can pose a problem. The higher heat can negatively affect livestock and poultry which lack an effective cooling mechanism. Heat stress has been proven to contribute to lower production and reduced fertility.

Reflective foil insulation addresses two basic concerns for barn owners; temperature and moisture inside pole barns. Since the material is nonabsorbent, moisture does not affect the performance of reflective insulation and the material does not promote mold or fungus growth. The insulation helps to protect livestock and poultry from heat stress by controlling humidity, air flow and solar radiation.

In addition to helping manage the indoor air temperature of the building, the insulation also helps to control condensation. Because the foil insulation installed in this capacity is a vapor barrier as well, condensation is reduced. Accumulated condensation in the walls and ceilings can contribute to shorter building life is absorbed by structural members and can cause damage to items stored in the building.

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