Pipe Wrap Insulation and Energy Efficient Projects

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you're looking to wrap your hot water pipes with reflective foil insulation, here's a quick tutorial. You will need a roll of foil insulation, some foil tape, a straight edge, and a razor knife.

Determine what size roll will accommodate your needs. Here is one of the small foil insulation rolls we offer. A good rule of thumb is a 10' strip of foil will cover 2' of pipe. Using your straight edge extend out a 10' piece and cut off from the roll. Now, cut the insulation down to 1" to 2" strips.

Example: A 24" x 50" roll of foil will yield approximately 60, 10' strips. The amount of standard size hot water pipes you can wrap using the rule of thumb from above is 120'.

This should be enough to cover the entire run of hot water pipe in a standard size home, all for around $40. Don't waste your time with pipe wrap install kits. There is very little total yield and the price per foot cannot compete using our DIY approach.

As always, we offer free shipping on all of our products. Thank you for shopping at InsulationStop.com. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this DIY project.

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