Pipe Wrap Insulation: A Simple Energy Saving Project

Want an easy project to help save energy? Or, do you have extra insulation left over from other projects? Insulating your hot water delivery pipes is a simple project anyone can do. Now it won't save as much as insulating your attic, but every little bit counts, right?

First, locate the hot water feed. It's the warm pipe leaving your hot water heater. Regardless of what size roll of reflective insulation you have, cut 2 1/2" strips using a straight edge and a sharp razor knife. Start winding the strip of insulation around the pipe. When good contact has been made, tape this beginning strip down with foil tape. Now proceed to wrap the pipes keeping a good overlap as you go. Use strips of tape whenever needed to keep a nice tight fit. Continue to wrap and tape until the entire section is finished. When finished run tape in a candy cane fashion down the pipe run ensuring permanent adhesion.

Congratulations. Now when you require hot water, the lost radiant heat emitted from your delivery pipes will be reflected back allowing your water heater to work a little less harder from now on to bring you hot water. This saves energy and you money, while also decreasing the load on your heater.

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