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  • Comparing InfraStop® Foil Insulation to Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix and Others

    Foil insulation is used everywhere from agricultural buildings to barns to packaging and transportation. This list is endless. If you want a full list of applications for foil insulation, click the link to see more.

    InfraStop® insulation has advantages over other brands. As we always say, reflective foil insulation is not created equal. First, our products are all made in the United States. We don't deal with imports. This means everything is tested to the highest of ASTM standards.

    There are advantages to buying reflective insulation from Insulation Stop as well. We make products to order. This means there are no products sitting around in an overstocked warehouse. If product changes occur or code requirements and testing methods change, InfraStop® products are available immediately and in line with industry changes.

    We are the only supplier that can offer a full line of product sizes for all applications whether large or small. Our custom size ability allows for simpler and faster installs in large projects where specific sizing may be required. We compliment this flexibility by offering rolls in all configurations. Double and single bubble foil is available in both foil/foil and foil/white options. And don't forget about our multi-layered concrete pad for a vapor barrier and low cost thermal break for use under concrete slabs and around foundation walls.

    Whether shopping for Ecofoil, Prodex, Reflectix, AtticFoil, RadiantGuard, or any of the other reflective insulation brands on the market, make sure you have compared them to InfraStop®. Get foil insulation samples here to ensure you are buying the best. Please specify the product type you are interested in from our large selection.

    And if you already know the size and configuration you are looking for, you can find your product within seconds using our easy search page to shop foil insulation.

  • Reflective Insulation Distributors & Suppliers: An Important Distinction

    InsulationStop RIMA Certificate InsulationStop RIMA Certificate

    All products are not created equal. Neither are suppliers. InfraStop® reflective insulation, sold by InsulationStop is the best quality reflective foil insulation material available. Whether you have an application that needs a radiant barrier or our reflective bubble foil insulation, there is an InfraStop® product and size to fit.

    InfraStop® is made here in the United States. All products meet or exceed ASTM testing for reflective insulation. This is important because an ever increasing amount of reflective insulation is coming in from China and surrounding areas where quality controls are not guaranteed. We have been able to keep a pricing advantage over even these products so price is not a criteria in your purchasing decision. You can comfortably buy the best.

    Regarding distribution, there are many products sold online and sold by a variety of people and companies. In many cases you can purchase a product from a supplier who has no idea what they are selling. They can fulfill your order but nothing else.

    At InsulationStop this is not the case. We combine over 70 years of engineering and building material experience, as well as 15 years specializing in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation. We bring a wealth of information not only about the product and its applications but also about competitive products and information on even non-competitive insulation products to ensure you are getting the correct insulation package for your project.

    We are also members of RIMA, the Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association. As far as we know we are the only online supplier of reflective insulation that is a member of RIMA.  This is an important distinction.

    We are committed to supplying you the best products available at the best possible prices. We appreciate your business and thank you for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

  • Why InsulationStop.com? Testing and Certifications for Reflective Foil Insulation

    The reflective foil insulation industry continues to grow.  As consumers demand better alternatives to conserve energy and local building codes continue to evolve, the use of reflective insulation is more commonplace than ever.

    With this increasing demand comes an ever increasing marketplace where consumers can purchase material. Unfortunately this growth in supply makes it more difficult for the average consumer to ensure they are purchasing the best products available to them.

    Insulation is now imported into the United States from virtually everywhere in the world.  Consumers can buy foil insulation locally as well as from every corner of the internet including Amazon, Ebay, and even Craigslist.

    Private labels and packaging companies are popping up all over the place and marketing material as construction grade insulation. This is making it even more difficult for the buyer to understand where the product is manufactured and more importantly how it has been tested.

    Fortunately, there is the InsulationStop and our wide array of reflective insulation. All of our reflective bubble foil insulation is made in United States right in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our products are fully tested to meet and exceed all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for reflective insulation.

    Furthermore, we and our manufacturers are all members of the Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association or (RIMA). This means that every product we sell has been fully tested and complies with every known standard available and they are all approved by RIMA, the governing body for reflective insulation manufacturers.

    As price is an important driving force in purchasing decisions, we also offer the best pricing available on all of our products all the time. We have custom roll size capabilities available as well.

    No matter how large or small your project is, we provide the best made material in the industry at the best prices right to your door, guaranteed. Confidence you can trust, only at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

    Click here for information on testing and certifications for our InfraStop® Reflective Foil Insulation.

  • Insulation Stop Launches New Pole Barn Insulation System

    Insulation Stop, the nation's leading provider of radiant barrier and bubble foil insulation is pleased to offer the InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System to its customer base. This pole barn solution allows consumers the ability to insulate their pole barn or post frame building.

    The choice on how to insulate a pole barn or post frame building and which product to use is widely debated. Moisture and air infiltration as well as site specific considerations need to be determined. Fiberglass insulation has proved largely ineffective in insulating these areas. InfraStop® Pole Barn Insulation System was designed to provide one effective material for all applications.

    "Common new construction and retrofit applications this system covers include the roof and walls as well as under slab if one is present in two interior colors, foil and white.  Foil insulation performs exceptionally well in these applications. One reason is its resistance to moisture. Barns and post frame buildings are prone to condensation", stated Nick Semon, owner of Insulation Stop.

    "In heating seasons, radiant heat escapes through the walls and ceilings of your building. This can be especially wasteful if you are using an expensive fuel source. The foil insulation blocks this transfer of heat and reflects it back toward the interior space. The same concept applies in the other hotter months. The foil insulation blocks the transfer of radiant heat generated by the sun reflecting this heat before it enters your building. A radiant barrier, by definition blocks the transfer of radiant heat. Using reflective insulation in any application in this system is a great, low cost investment to reduce your heating costs."

    For more information on radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation, please visit InsulationStop.com.

    Nick Semon is co-owner of Insulation Stop. They offer individual and bulk orders of U.S. made radiant barrier and reflective bubble foil insulation products for commercial and residential use. The company is committed to offering extensive knowledge on the use and application of its reflective insulation products.

    Click here to view the original Pole Barn Insulation System press release.

  • Understanding Reflective Insulation: Conversing with a Customer

    We are always happy to speak with our customers. In doing so, we gain an insight into what questions they have regarding using our insulation in their applications.

    After enough conversations, a specific theme appears. For many, unfamiliar with heat transfer concepts, they want to understand exactly how this insulation will help them. Maybe a friend recommended the product or maybe they have found their way into reflective technology on their own. They know they have an application where insulation will help but they just don't know exactly how.

    This blog post is designed to outline the basic principles behind reflective insulation and how it can help you in your projects.

    First and most basic, reflective insulation blocks the transfer of radiant heat. Radiant heat is a primary source of heat transfer in a home. There are only three modes of heat transfer. Most insulation deals with slowing or trapping conductive or convective heat. Reflective insulation works in blocking the third type radiant heat. But what does this mean to you?

    It means there are inexpensive materials available that can help control the comfort in your home and save you money on your utility bills. How can reflective foil insulation do this?

    Remember, heat always flows from hot to cold. Here's an example of how to use a radiant barrier, a class of products primarily used in residential attics. Your home located in Las Vegas, Nevada gets extremely hot in the spring, summer, and fall months. Your home is older so there is not a radiant barrier installed. As the sun heats up the roof deck, this heat is radiated down (hot to cold) into the living space. The installation of a radiant barrier would reflect this heat back into the roof deck and outside not allowing your attic to heat up as much. This reduces the heat transfer to your living space. You in turn will be more comfortable.

    More importantly is when you choose to turn on your air conditioning. Now, you are spending money. Your air conditioning has to work harder to keep your home cool when your attic temperatures are high. There is more radiant heat transfer. Lowering your attic temperatures by installing a radiant barrier will decrease the amount of heat transfer and your air conditioning system will work less and you will save money.

    Here is another example from a cooler climate using foil bubble insulation, a different class of reflective products. Let's say your home is in Chicago and you have in-floor radiant heat between your floor joists with either a basement or crawlspace underneath. In the heating seasons, the heat is running almost continually. The heat emitted from the installed radiant system is transferring heat in all directions. Again, as heat goes to cold, a large majority of this heat will wind up in the basement or crawlspace. Installing foil insulation in between or on the bottom of the floor joists will reflect this heat back towards the floor where it is most effective for you. This causes your heating system to work less, saving you money.

    These two examples should help in understanding how our reflective insulation works for you in both comfort and energy savings. You will notice these examples showed two completely different climates. Once you understand how the product works you can apply this knowledge to your project which is always governed by your local climate. You will notice most southern climates use reflective insulation in attics to stop the sun's heat where northern climates utilize reflective technology in floors, under slabs, crawlspaces, walls, and ductwork to stop the loss of mechanical heat that you pay the heating company for.

    Hopefully this post helps you understand how heat is transferred and how you can control this process by utilizing the correct materials in an effort to save on your energy costs and increase your comfort within your home or building.

  • Installing Reflective Foil Insulation in Existing Metal or Steel Building

    Insulation Stop's reflective foil insulation is designed for use in metal and steel buildings. Not affected by humidity and moisture, foil insulation is a great, low cost investment. Reflective insulation works in all seasons. It keeps heat out in hot summer months, and keeps heat in during winter months when you are paying to heat the building.

    This post is to show you the installation methods for installing insulation in an existing metal or steel building. If you are building new you can see all of the installation methods on our metal building insulation page.

    Here is the retrofit roof application in both foil to the interior or white to the interior. Notice the use of a 1" x 2" furring in this open interior application.

    For insulating side walls, these diagrams will show you examples of both foil and white to the interior.

    We manufacture larger width material to make installation easier. Rolls can be manufactured in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10' lengths. Building and maintaining outbuildings are considerable investments. Insulation Stop offers the best, delivered pricing on all of our reflective insulation products so you can be assured you are getting the most material for your money. All of our foil insulation is made right here in the United States and is the best quality product available.

    Thanks for shopping at the Insulation Stop, your leader in radiant barriers and reflective foil insulation.

  • Radiant Barrier for SCIF Construction

    rFoil SCIF Radiant BarrierAre you involved in the construction of SCIF facilities? At Insulation Stop, we have created our SCIF Radiant Barrier Section where you can find information on our SCIF wall construction methods as well as downloadable PDF's. Click the link to view the page.

    Information for our SCIF approved, rFoil™ Ultra NT Radiant Barrier is here as well with downloadable rFoil™ product literature, technical sheet, and installation sheet.

    All of the information you need to make your purchasing decision is right here on one page. Click the link to view our SCIF Radiant Barrier page.

    Only rFoil™ makes the SCIF approved product and we offer the material at industry leading, delivered pricing. We hope you enjoy the resource page and thanks for buying from the Insulation Stop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation.

  • Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    Improving the energy efficiency of your home is good for your wallet and the environment. There are several common places in the home where energy is lost or wasted. Taking the time and effort to repair and improve these problem areas will save you significant amounts of money immediately and in the long run.

    Traditional hot water heaters use a large amount of energy heating and storing water. Replacing old hot water heaters with a tankless version has huge cost benefits. A tankless hot water heater warms water as it is used, eliminating the need for storage. This could mean a savings of 10 to 20 percent on energy bills. There are also tax incentives in place to motivate increased purchases of these energy efficient units.

    One of the most inexpensive actions you can take to improve energy efficiency is to seal any gaps in or around the house. Air sealing prevents inside air from escaping and outside air from coming into gaps and cracks. To seal air leaks, check around doors, windows and baseboards for cracks or gaps. Seal all openings with caulk.

    Ensuring that your heating and cooling system is energy efficient can save significant money. Replace older units with an updated, energy efficient version. Tax breaks are also available for upgrades to an efficient heating/cooling system. Check all air ducts for leaks and repair them with duct tape.

    All houses can receive an instant energy efficiency boost with the proper insulation. Ensuring that your house is properly insulated can save you hundreds of dollars a year on heating and cooling costs. There are many different types of insulation available at a variety of price ranges. You can save alot of money buy buying the materials competitively and doing the work yourself. Or if you can or must, hire a professional. If reflective foil insulation is what you need, Insulation Stop has the answer.

    One of the most overlooked sources of energy drain is hot or cold air lost through attics and garages. Since these parts of the house are usually not lived in, proper sealing and insulation is frequently neglected. Certain foam insulation is available to install in these spaces of the house. Older garage doors can be replaced with newer, more energy conserving brands.

    Strategically landscaping your grounds can be a very smart money saving move. Planting large trees around the house gives shade to your home. This keeps the sun from beating down directly on the house and allows it to stay cooler during the summer months.

    Many people have already made the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Replacing all incandescent bulbs in your house and outdoors translates into large energy savings. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use one quarter of the energy of an old fashioned incandescent bulb.

  • Reflective Pipe Wrap Insulation: The Insulation Stop Advantage

    Insulating hot water pipes is an affordable insulation project that will easily pay for itself time and time again. In many houses the pipe work is in basements and crawlspaces. These cold areas rob heat generated by water heaters. As you demand hot water from your system, heat radiates out of your pipes into the cooler surrounding air. Reflective foil pipe wrap insulation creates a reflective barrier between pipes and their surroundings that stop this flow of radiant heat.

    If you are shopping for pipe wrap insulation take a look at our InfraStopâ„¢ line of products. We offer 3 sizes of spiral pipe wrap insulation that installs by winding the product down the length of the pipe. We also have a linear pipe wrap insulation that has an adhesive strip that allows you to wrap the pipe in lineal lengths. There is a video on the product pages showing you the difference between the two types.

    Case quantities and discounts are available online for larger projects and contractors looking to purchase at the best prices. InfraStop® insulation is made right here in the United States. We offer the best prices and best quality reflective insulation products on the market. Shop online or contact us today.

  • InsulationStop.com now offers Garage Door Insulation Kits

    Infrastop Garage Door Insulation KitEffective today, we are stocked and ready to offer our new InfraStop® Garage Door Insulation Kits. These kits are designed for the homeowner who wants to keep heat in during winter months or keep heat out in summer months. Each kit contains 4 rolls of insulation, double sided tape, a tape measure, disposable knife, and cleaning pads. These garage door insulation kits are offered in two options, foil/foil or foil/white exteriors.

    With an R-Value rating of up to 6.0 these kits are your best, low cost alternative against radiant heat entering or leaving your garage. We offer free shipping on all orders.

    Click the link to learn more about our garage door insulation kits.

    Thanks for stopping at the InsulationStop, the leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

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