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  • Installation Sheet: Reflective Foil Basement Wall Insulation

    Installation instructions for basement wall applications.
  • Installation Sheet: Radiant Barrier House Wrap

    Installation instructions for radiant barrier house wrap applications.
  • Installation Sheet: Radiant Heating in a Concrete Floor

    Installation instructions for using reflective foil insulation under radiant heat in concrete slab applications.
  • Installation Sheet: Crawl Space Insulation

    Crawlspace InsulationThere are many reasons to insulate crawlspaces with InfraStop® insulation. Using Foil Double Bubble InfraStop® reduces heat loss and keeps floors warmer. It also prevents condensation from causing mold and bacterial growth as well as prevents ground moisture from causing dry-rot. InfraStop® is an excellent vapor and radon barrier and deters insects and rodents from nesting.


    Method #1: Between Joists:

    1. Do not use fibrous insulation between your floor joists.
    2. Using 16" wide rFoil Double Bubble Foil with Staple Tabs, staple the material between the joists, 2-4" beneath the sub-floor.
    3. Seal the ends using 3" wide tape.
    4. If the width of the joists are irregular, consider using a 36" or 48" roll of material and cutting to fit.

    Method #2: Under Joists

    1. Staple InfraStop® Double Bubble Foil to the Ring Box Joist
    2. Run the InfraStop® along the underside of the joists, stapling to the joists every 4-6".
    3. Seal all of the seams using 3" wide reflective foil tape.
  • Installation Sheet: Foundation Insulation on Outside Perimeter Wall

    Insulating the perimeter of your foundation with InfraStop® Concrete Barrier Insulation is an excellent way to provide a vapor and radon barrier as well as adding additional R-Value. InfraStop®'s patented bubble/foil/bubble construction for use in radiant barrier concrete applications also eliminates basement dampness. InfraStop® creates a thermal break between the ground and the foundation wall stopping heat loss to the outside. It is quick and easy to install with basic tools. The product is also safe to handle and work with.

    Installation Method

    1. Unroll Ultra Concrete Barrier Foil horizontally on the outside of foundation.
    2. Secure the insulation to the foundation using fasteners or adhesive.
    3. Seal all seams created with reflective foil tape. 3" roll width is easiest in these applications
    4. Back fill soil as usual.
  • Radiant Barrier Foil: Double or Single Bubble?

    A brief article explaining the differences between single and double bubble reflective insulation. The purpose is to inform consumers so they may make the best possible decisions.
  • Radiant Barriers & Reflective Foil: Our Thoughts

    Our thoughts on the uses and applications for our radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.
  • InsulationStop.com's Blog is Launched

    Well, we are here. We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our company's diverse range of products and services.  The InsulationStop.com's Blog.

    It may not look like much now. But, it will soon have the same look and feel of our main site coupled with a wide open platform to post, comment, and receive comments on all aspects of our business.

    Our customers will enjoy an open forum where they can share their projects or follow our posts. New customers or anyone interested in radiant barrier insulation will have a place to begin or end their research regarding this exciting form of insulation.We intend for this median to be a more informal but still professional area where we can listen, learn, and speak to our customers.

    Stay close. Changes, additions, and new posts will be coming soon as we integrate this new forum into our business.

    As usual, please feel free to contact us at anytime in any way regarding any questions or comments you may have. We continually enjoy the ability to work with you on your projects and provide you with high quality radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

    Thank you.

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