• InfraStop® Reflective Insulation for Outdoor Use?

    Although we do not warrant InfraStop® for outdoor use, this doesn’t stop our customer from using it effectively in their projects.

    Folks ask us all the time how the product will perform outside. Here’s a quick post showing what’s left of one of our customer’s wood racks. Thanks S.N for the photos. S.N used InfraStop® to cover 2 cords of wood. The 24” material was the perfect width to cover just the top leaving the sides exposed. S.N grommeted holes in the InfraStop® and tied off cut sections of 2x4”s for weights.

    The InfraStop has been outside continuously since 2013 and as you can see is holding up fine. Note how the grommets are rusting out already.

    Thanks S.N for the pictures. We appreciate them. In the next few months we put up some more posts showing InfraStop® insulation used outside. Here's a link to the roll size S.N used for a firewood tarp.

  • Insulation for the Little Guy


    contact us - little guyRecently on our contact us page, a somewhat frustrated customer sent in the following message. We quickly responded and within a few short emails had addressed his concerns.

    However, the phrase "little guy" stuck out and was discussed at length here at the Insulation Stop.

    The inspiration for this post comes from these discussions. First, none of our customers are "little guys". We value every customer, every order, every time.

    Our business is built on all size of customers, one no more important than the other. Our customers range from metal building suppliers to the one time customer who wants to insulate his cooler before a music festival and we enjoy discussing their projects equally.

    We have structured our business and website to make it as easy as possible to do business with us. We offer free shipping on all orders so you can shop quickly. We take payments from all major credit cards, PayPal, and even personal check if needed. We can custom make material. And we also offer the best delivered price all the time.

    We employ experienced people so you can always talk to someone familiar with our products and services. We offer videos and installation instructions to help answer questions about using our products. We become personally involved in many of our customer's orders. We respond quickly to customer email and requests, always within one day.

    We are the first supplier to offer small, individual roll sizes to our customer base, in both double and single bubble. We are also the first to offer a full suite of sizes on other marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon, so our customers could shop there if they were more comfortable.

    Our mission statement is:

    "To provide the highest quality insulation products to our customers at the best prices possible. Furthermore, making sure that each and every one of our customers achieves the best, most energy efficient result while using reflective foil insulation in their insulation project. And finally, to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with their use of our products."

    We value our relationships and our customers and appreciate you doing business with us. We will continue to do the best job we can to offer you the best value possible when shopping for reflective insulation.

    We thank all of the "little guys" and big guys who have made us what we are, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation.

  • Should You Buy Foil Faced Fiberglass Insulation?

    Yes but no. You should certainly use foil facings and fiberglass insulation. But do you want to purchase it as just one product? Maybe not if you are watching your budget.

    Foil facings applied to fiberglass insulation although still very common as duct wrap insulation are not as common for standard construction use as they were in this home built in the late 1980's. Check out the pictures below.

    We recently set out to find the material and get an idea of what it costs. What we found is that you can still get it in home centers as a special order item typically in pallet quantities.

    When we researched cost we were shocked to find out how much the difference was between foil faced, kraft faced, or the unfaced varieties. We did our calculations on about 1,000 square feet.

    Basically in all cases, buying unfaced fiberglass and purchasing a standalone radiant barrier saves a lot of money as compared to purchasing the foil faced fiberglass as one product. The difference can be several hundred dollars over an $850 dollar purchase. It's clear the fiberglass companies get a premium for using kraft and foil facings.

    Another benefit is when you purchase radiant barriers separately you can find people like ourselves that specialize in the products, ensuring you are getting top quality products. The amount of technical information available for the foil facings on the fiberglass was also very limited.

  • Investing in Insulation

    Adding insulation into a home, garage, shed, barn, or other outbuilding is not a glamorous home improvement project, but if done properly will provide a positive return on your investment. Upgrading the quality or amount of insulation will reduce monthly heating and cooling costs resulting in overall savings and make any structure feel more comfortable.

    Few homes and buildings are constructed with an appropriate amount of insulation necessary to maximize heating and cooling benefits. The amount of insulation needed depends on three primary factors, location, usage, and current heating/cooling expenses.

    Location: Where your property is located will impact the amount of insulation you might need in your home or outbuildings. While many people think of insulation in terms of cold climates, it is important to remember that the proper insulation can keep the heat out in the summer as well as retain it during the winter, reducing cooling costs as well. Buildings located in temperate climates require less but often different types of insulation than those located in areas which experience extreme cold or heat.

    Usage: How a building is used will also determine how much insulation is needed. A home that is heated and cooled will benefit from higher insulation protection than a barn used to store a camper. However, some outbuildings may require more insulation such as sheds used as workshops or to store items that can be damaged by extreme temperatures. While most buildings require some level of insulation, some will need more than others.

    Current Expense: Most gas and electric companies can provide you with information about the average cost of heating or cooling homes of specific square-footage in your community. This data combined with your own budgetary goals can help you determine if you need more insulation and if so, how much makes financial sense.

    To achieve a true return on your investment when increasing the levels of insulation, it is important to add only as much as is needed to achieve heating and cooling goals. Spending too much on additional insulation products can reduce the financial benefit you receive. There are many cost-efficient and effective products on the market including reflective insulation, foil insulation, radiant barriers. However, there are also some products that can cost as much as $250 per square foot and offers a level of insulation unnecessary for most buildings.

    When considering options, the goal should be to maximize the level of insulation at a cost that will reduce monthly expenses and result in an overall savings.

  • The Insulation Stop Value Proposition

    At Insulation Stop we often refer to ourselves as the leader in reflective foil insulation. The two metrics we use to make this statement are our products and our experience, both of which are unrivaled.

    First our reflective foil insulation is made here in the United States, not somewhere in North America and certainly not overseas. This made in America distinction is more important than just product quality. It ensures the foil insulation you purchase has been tested and passes the most stringent ASTM specifications. When you know where your products come from you can determine how they are tested.

    The second metric that defines us as a leader in our industry is our experience. We have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of reflective insulation long before the Internet. Everyone knows the Internet has opened up new, cost effective channels for buyers to source products. Unfortunately, now companies handle multiple, unrelated product lines and expertise is often dropped from the value proposition.

    Here is an example of what we mean. We were shocked when we found a company that sells reflective insulation on one website and belly button rings on another! Maybe they think that after you insulate your pole barn you will want to purchase faux jewelry to celebrate your accomplishment. (Unfortunately, this is not a joke.)

    At the Insulation Stop our background is heavy in building materials and civil engineering, the two main components needed to successfully build and outfit your structures. Unfortunately for our competitors, they just do not stack up in either product quality or experience. Some say imitation is a sign of flattery. In the reflective insulation business we say imitation is just that, imitation.

    Construction is exacting and we know you want things done right the first time. We appreciate the confidence you have put in our experience and our materials to ensure you have a successful project in the end. We enjoy taking your phone calls and discussing the details of your project.

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and want to say thank you to our customers both past, present, and future that have helped make us the leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

  • Craigslist Radiant Barrier

    When searching for reflective insulation on craigslist you can find information for installations or even applications for companies seeking installers. But what if you wanted to purchase insulation? There is not a lot of information out there and we are not confident you should purchase your radiant barrier from craigslist.

    We only sell new items unless otherwise disclosed. Our prices are at an industry low. All of our products have been produced by North American manufacturer's who follow the strictest production guidelines. Unfortunately there are products now on the market that are inferior and produced in countries without sufficient testing procedures. Most often when purchasing building materials it is better to go with the industry standard or trusted source so you can be sure the quality of material you are using.

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