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  • Radiant Vapor Barriers, Online Sale

    If you need a vapor barrier, why not purchase one that is also an approved radiant barrier? You'll get the same moisture blocking capabilities as well as a barrier that blocks 96% of radiant heat.RVB Radiant Vapor Barrier Detail

    Our Radiant Vapor Barrier 54-200 costs $99.75 per roll. This includes free shipping delivered via UPS right to your door.

    Our RVB is a strong layer of polyethylene laminated to a layer of highly reflective metalized aluminum. The roll is 54" wide and 200' long. Check out our product page by clicking on the following link Radiant Vapor Barrier 54-200.

    In conjunction with this blog post, we are offering this insulation at 10% off our normal pricing for the rest of May. If you are shopping for vapor barriers, take advantage of our May Vapor Barrier Sale.

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