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  • Mini Storage Buildings: Single Bubble Foil Insulation and Condensation

    Mini Storage Building with Foil InsulationMini storage units are commonly used buildings.  They give customers extra storage space for their belongings.  Because storage units protect people's possessions it is very important for the units to stay dry and keep stable temperatures.  This can become problematic because all of the components used in construction are metal.

    When moisture rich warm air meets cooler air it can condense into water.  This moisture accumulation can prematurely degrade the structure and ruin its contents.  In mini storage buildings this moisture accumulation typically happens in the summer months when the warmer air meets outside cooler air in the morning and evenings.

    Bubble foil insulation creates a barrier between these bodies of air lowering the possibility of moisture accumulation.  Single bubble foil insulation, which provides the thermal break, also blocks the transfer of radiant heat.  In metal buildings with metal roofs radiant heat gain can be excessive, especially in southern locations where the sun is more powerful.  Reflective insulation blocks 97% of this heat transfer.

    Single bubble foil insulation is the optimal choice for metal storage buildings.  It's a radiant barrier so it blocks radiant heat.  This helps stabilize temperature.  The bubble layer provides r-value as well as a vapor barrier when the seams are taped to control moisture. Single bubble insulation is offered in white on one side so the interior of the units have a clean, bright finish.

    Bubble foil insulation is effective in extreme temperatures both hot and cold.  The lightweight material is low profile and can easily be attached with screws, staples, nails, or glue.  The waterproof, non-absorbent surface is ideal for insulating metal storage buildings.

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