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  • Barn Insulation - Finding the Right Type for You

    There are so many products available these days.  Choosing the correct products when determining what barn insulation to use is no different.  We find it helpful to look at specific details of your barn to determine what insulation to use.

    The first question is, where are you?  What state do you live in?  Understanding your local climate is the first criteria in understanding your insulation solutions.  It is no wonder residential code construction in the south for example comprises of 2 x 4" construction.  In the North, it is 2 x 6". This has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with wall thickness.  In the North, the code requirements for fiberglass insulation are designed for a 5 1/2" batt.  Conserving heat is of prime importance during the heating season in the North.  Wall construction is changed to allow for the insulation to fit.  This change does not help homes in the South because the heating season is considerably less and the low temperatures, although cold by southern standards, are balmy for the North.

    The second question is, what are you using your barn for?  Barns are built for many different reasons and they are used for a wide variety of applications.  Are you going to heat your barn? Are you concerned about solar heat gain?  These questions help determine the correct barn insulation for you to use.

    Or maybe you are concerned about or are experiencing condensation.  Condensation is a main concern in metal buildings and pole barns with metal roofs.  Condensation inside a building happens when dew point is reached.  Metal roofing material, although inexpensive and strong, is a poor insulator and very conductive.  This means the temperature of the metal roof on your barn in the winter is going to be fairly close to the actual outside temperature.  Condensation can happen when the inside warmer air comes into contact with the cold metal material.  If the humidity level and temperature extremes are right, moisture will occur.

    From this information we can start to draw some conclusions.  Let's make up a barn to show some practical examples.  For an insulation choice, we will choose our InfraStop® insulation.  When installed correctly InfraStop® is a vapor barrier and will create a thermal break to alleviate any condensation concerns.

    Now, let us say our metal building is located in Texas.  Most of it is warehouse or storage with a small area for an office.  Let's only heat the office infrequently in the winter.  What should we do?  We would install our InfraStop® underneath the roof joists or over them for new construction.  We would also install it across or down the side walls.  We would frame in the office area and insulate the walls and ceiling with fiberglass insulation and line the exterior or warehouse facing walls and ceiling with reflective insulation as well.

    What will this do?  First, it will block most of the heat entering the building that is radiating through the metal roofing and walls.  This will help cool the building down.  Because you are paying to heat the office and it's a small area, fiberglass insulation is used in addition to reflective foil insulation.  This will ensure trapped air and limited air movement to help in the cold months.  The radiant barrier is added to keep the warehouse heat out should you want to use air conditioning in the summer.

    Let us now say we have a pole barn in Wisconsin.  We are using the area as a shop and are heating it via a wood stove during the day.  We know our barn is getting hot in the summer but our main concern is keeping in some of the heat generated by the wood stove.  For this application, we would again use our InfraStop® insulation but move its position in the building.  Instead of putting the material underneath the purlins we could move the material to underneath the trusses.  This would significantly decrease the amount of cubic space to be heated and would reflect the heat from the wood stove back into the room. You will still get the benefit of blocking overhead heat during the hot months.  If you wanted the insulation at the roof level, either above or below the purlins, it will work but there will be more cubic feet to heat.

    Hopefully these two examples get you thinking of your type of barn, its location, and its use.  When you look closely at your specific needs it is easier to determine what type of barn insulation will accomplish your building's goals.

  • Installing Reflective Foil Insulation in Existing Metal or Steel Building

    Insulation Stop's reflective foil insulation is designed for use in metal and steel buildings. Not affected by humidity and moisture, foil insulation is a great, low cost investment. Reflective insulation works in all seasons. It keeps heat out in hot summer months, and keeps heat in during winter months when you are paying to heat the building.

    This post is to show you the installation methods for installing insulation in an existing metal or steel building. If you are building new you can see all of the installation methods on our metal building insulation page.

    Here is the retrofit roof application in both foil to the interior or white to the interior. Notice the use of a 1" x 2" furring in this open interior application.

    For insulating side walls, these diagrams will show you examples of both foil and white to the interior.

    We manufacture larger width material to make installation easier. Rolls can be manufactured in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10' lengths. Building and maintaining outbuildings are considerable investments. Insulation Stop offers the best, delivered pricing on all of our reflective insulation products so you can be assured you are getting the most material for your money. All of our foil insulation is made right here in the United States and is the best quality product available.

    Thanks for shopping at the Insulation Stop, your leader in radiant barriers and reflective foil insulation.

  • Retrofit Foil Insulation for Steel & Metal Buildings

    If you are outfitting your metal or steel building with insulation after it is constructed, reflective foil insulation may be a great choice for you. Your building may never have been insulated originally due to costs. Or, maybe you now plan to heat a portion of the building. Either way, reflective bubble foil insulation for steel and metal buildings is probably the most economical way to retrofit your structure and get you insulation value. There are many products on the market but nothing installs faster or more economically than our Tempshield foil insulation.

    Hover your mouse over the "Steel Building" image in the center of the page to see applications for your metal or steel building. Reflective both sides is for insulation that has foil on both sides. Reflective one side is one side reflective, the other white. White is used when you want a white interior facing to be exposed. Browse our different applications to understand how you can retrofit your building today.

    Order online or call us with any questions. Thank you for shopping at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation products.

  • Contractor Pricing On Radiant Barriers and Reflective Foil Insulation

    Attention contractors and builders, are you using radiant barriers and foil insulation in your projects? Or are do you build metal buildings or pole barns?

    If so, you will love purchasing your material at Discounts for volume are automatically built in making ordering very quick and easy.

    You have the confidence to know we only source the best material made in the United States and Canada and always at the best price, no matter how much you need. Here's some links to our foil insulation products.

    Radiant Barriers
    SCIF Approved Radiant Barrier
    Radiant Vapor Barriers
    Reflective House Wrap
    Double Bubble Foil Insulation
    Single Bubble Foil Insulation
    Double Bubble White Foil Insulation
    Concrete Slab Bubble Foil Insulation
    Reflective Foil Tapes

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