InsulationStop Teams up with Shopper Approved - Ratings and Reviews

We are making a few changes to the website. If you are one of our regular customers you will certainly notice the front page has changed.  If you have never shopped with us before, welcome to the latest version of our website.  We are continually trying to improve your buying experience.

A major change, and one that directly benefits you our consumer, is that we have teamed up with Shopper Approved.  You can see their icon in the right column off of our home page.

Shopper Approved is a customer review and rating service that interacts with you to gain insights on the products and service levels we provide.  The reviews and comments you will find are from actual customers of ours.  We think this addition to our website is a great way to build trust with our future customers as well as let our existing customers express their thoughts and opinions regarding their shopping experience with us.

Please note, we have always believed in an absolutely hassle free shopping experience.  This interaction with Shopper Approved is completely optional and will not get in the way of your shopping experience with us at any time.

We welcome Shopper Approved to our website and hope their service provides value to our customers.  Thank you for choosing Insulation Stop as your radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation supplier.

Take a look here to see some of the foil insulation reviews we have already gathered.

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