Insulating Side Walls - Pole Barn Insulation

Inside Girt Installation Method - Pole Barn Insulation

Outside Girt Installation Method - Pole Barn Insulation There are many ways to install insulation in post and beam buildings. We recommend three ways to install our InfraStop® pole barn insulation in side walls.

For new construction, you can install the material either the outside or inside the girt method. The inside the girt application method is also used for hanging insulation after the barn is constructed. Insulation is ran vertically or horizontally from pole or post and attached directly to the girt.

For horizontal installation it is optimal to have the edges of the two pieces of insulation to meet directly on the girt. For vertical installation this is not as important because you are attaching every several feet perpendicular to the girt. This makes taping the seams easier, ensuring you are creating a good vapor barrier.

The outside the girt installation method is only available during new construction, before the metal walls are up. The insulation is applied to the exterior of the posts and girts. The metal siding is then attached directly to the girt over the insulation.

These are two basic methods to use when installing our pole barn insulation in your post and beam or pole barn project.

Click on the images to view specific installation instructions. As always, please contact us anytime at 1-800-871-0410 for questions regarding your projects.

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