Insulating Metal Shipping Containers with Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation

Check out this video showing a shipping container insulated with reflective bubble foil insulation. Awhile ago, we provided the insulation for a shipping container building overlooking the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty in New York City.

We’ve been slow to get the footage of the project out, finally putting the video up on YouTube last month and now finally getting the blog post up.  See the video of insulating this shipping container here.

This 3 story shipping container structure is actually an art exhibit that lies on the property of Pioneer Works, Center for Art and Innovation in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The first floor bar is topped by a second floor recording studio, where the InfraStop® was used.  On top of the recording studio is a third story open air terrace.

It took a few months for the crew of 4 including artist Gregory Kloehn to cut and weld the containers, deck, staircase, and window and door openings.  They also welded hundreds of threaded rods on the inside walls of the second floor to hold the wall framing members, insulation, and acoustical wall board.

The studio took an additional several weeks to complete.  Here are some images of the inside at Pioneer Works, the grounds that the shipping containers are on, the shipping container second floor, and some great pics of the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower.  If you are interested in seeing some of the actual installation of the InfraStop® foil insulation click the link to the video above.

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