Insulating Hot Water Heater with Radiant Barrier Foil

Recently a customer of ours purchased a roll of foil bubble insulation. He planned to use the radiant barrier foil to insulate his hot water heater and hot tub. We had spoken before his order about the installation details and he said he would send some pictures of this project to us.

After review of his pictures, we decided they were so good we asked if we could use them on our blog to show other consumers who are also interested in insulating their hot water heater and hot tub.

And, here they are. The pictures are rather self explanatory so we've listed them in the order of installation.

Note: This customers hot water heater is electric. You can see the electrical wire running into the top section.

Please note: For all gas hot water heaters, you must cut out the small section at the bottom that is open to the pilot light.

Here's the product our customer used in his radiant barrier hot water heater installation

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