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  • InfraStop® Concrete Pad used in Wooden Pool Restoration Project

    Many thanks to our customer, B.E in Chicago, Illinois for sharing his unique project with us.  B.E built a wooden pool back in the 1970’s for his house.  After years of use, and then some years of no use he decided to restore the pool by pouring a new slab in the bottom and replacing the liner.

    B.E wanted to keep as much heat in the pool as possible so he decided to insulate under the slab.  Check out this project showing our InfraStop® Concrete Pad used as a thermal break to slow the transfer of heat out of this homemade, wooden pool.

    Typically customers will want to use our standard product for insulation in above ground pools.  B.E’s project is unique because he is using our concrete pad insulation in a pool restoration project.

    Thanks B.E for sharing your project.  We really appreciate it.  This is another great example demonstrating the flexibility of reflective insulation and the many unique areas where it can be used effectively.

  • Concrete Floor Insulation: Your Best Insulation Option

    When choosing what type of concrete floor insulation to use it is best to know the product’s benefits and how it compares to others. We love our slab insulation, in many cases it answers the consumers need.

    It gives you an R 1.1 by creating a thermal break between the concrete and the ground. It is a vapor barrier so you do not have to use poly sheets. It is also a radon barrier when installed in under slab applications.

    Working with our Tempshield™ under slab insulation is where the real time and labor savings are. Bubble foil is lightweight and easy to ship and handle unlike foam boards. The insulation also costs much less. The material is rolled and cuts with a razor knife making installation times much faster than competitive products.

    For larger products we custom make material up to 10' wide allowing for less rolls to install. In large buildings this is an excellent time saver. 10' x 125' (1250 square foot) rolls were used in this under slab insulation video of a sizeable metal building in Southern Illinois.

    There are products that achieve higher R-values but they are more expensive and labor intensive to install. Our concrete floor insulation combines several products in one. It is very economical, especially used as insulation in radiant heat applications,  where you are actively paying energy costs to heat the floor. Installing a thermal break to stop this heat loss is always a good idea in these instances.

    Watch the video or contact us directly for more information. And remember, everything ships free at the InsulationStop, your leader in radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation.

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