insulate air dome

  • Retrofit Insulation for Air Dome – Insulating After It’s Built

    What a great project and we sure learned some new tricks.  InsulationStop received the call from the owner of an air dome in Central Pennsylvania.

    Our client had recently added an air conditioning unit to his existing air dome and wanted to insulate the dome to retain as much cool air as possible.  We provided custom length InfraStop® double bubble foil to meet their requirements.

    The InfraStop® was installed by an ingenious method of cutting pilot holes at the top of the dome sections.  A wrench tied to a long cable, acting as a snake, was tossed to the bottom.  Working from automatic lifts, workers pulled the insulation to the top and tied each left section to its corresponding right section.

    Check out some of these images to get an idea of the scope of the project and take a look at the video below showing the actual installation of one of the sections.

    We would like to thank our customer for allowing us access to their jobsite. This was definitely a great project to participate in.

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