Installation Sheet: Reflective Foil Basement Wall Insulation

Basements are heat sinks. The outside earth constantly pulls heat from the interior causing a loss in radiant heat. Insulating basements are often over looked and cause valuable heat loss, especially if the area is heated. Reflective foil insulation is the ideal product for these applications.

InfraStop® Double Bubble Foil Insulation helps to reduce basement dampness and increase comfort. It reduces heat loss to the surrounding environment. InfraStop® is an excellent vapor and radon barrier. It's quick, safe, and easy to install and adds R-value. And unlike fiberglass insulation which loses its effectiveness with any moisture gain, InfraStop® is unaffected by moisture and humidity making it the perfect choice in basement applications.

Reflective Foil Basement Wall InsulationHow to Insulate Masonry Wall

  1. Unroll InfraStop® Between Joist Insulation within the cavity between the studs.
  2. Using the convenient Staple Tap Option, recess the insulation and attach the material to the studs.
  3. Install drywall per the usual method. The recessed insulation material will create the necessary airspace required for reflective foil insulation.

Installation Method #2: Furring Strips

  1. Fasten 1-2" thick furring strips to wall with shot fasteners or lag bolts.
  2. Unroll 48" InfraStop® Double Bubble Foil Insulation horizontally and staple to the furring strips.
  3. Seal seams with reflective foil tape.
  4. Fasten an additional set of furring strips overtop of the insulation material.
  5. Attach drywall as per the usual method.
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