Installation Sheet: Radiant Heating in a Concrete Floor

Insulaion Under Concrete Slab with Radiant HeatUsing InfraStop® Under Concrete Insulation 48" x 125' or InfraStop® Under Concrete Insulation 48" x 100' in concrete floor radiant heat applications has many advantages.

  1. Directs heat inside
  2. Increases the the effectiveness of the heating system
  3. Helps to radiate the energy in the slab
  4. Reduces installation time and labor over alternative insulations
  5. 149 PSI Compression Strength
  6. 85 PSI Puncture Strength
  7. Excellent Vapor and Radon Barrier
  8. Can be used with ice amd snow melts
  9. Reduces Heat Loss

Installation Method

  1. Unroll Concrete Insulation
  2. Butt the seams
  3. Seal the seams with White Poly Tape (3" wide")
  4. Install Radiant Heating and pour the concrete as usual
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