Installation Sheet: Radiant Barrier under Sub-Floor

Insulating Under Sub Floor with Radiant Heat - Instruction Sheet Installing InfraStop® Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation underneath sub-floors is an excellent way to stop radiant heat loss to basements, increase comfort, and lower utility costs. InfraStop® is safe, simple, and easy to install especially in under sub-floor applications because this is one of the few times there are no obstructions. InfraStop® is unaffected by moisture and humidity and creates an excellent vapor barrier. InfraStop® insulation provides a radiant barrier to stop heat loss and adds R-Value to existing insulation.

Installation Method

Unroll InfraStop® horizontally along the floor.
Staple to corner joists and then again on the side of the joist as in the illustration. Make sure to insulation recesses at least 1/2" into the floor joist cavity.
Continue to staple along the floor ensuring that rFoil insulation is recessed into wall cavity 1/2" to 3/4".
Seal all joints with reflective foil insulation tape
Install floor deck as usual.
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