Installation Sheet: Radiant Barrier House Wrap

Radiant Barrier Reflective Foil House Wrap InsulationReflective House Wrap is a radiant barrier house wrap that replaces traditional house wraps and provides reflective insulation for radiant heat loss or gain.

Reflective house wrap is quick, safe, and easy to install. It is an excellend air barrier and is unaffected by moisture and humidity. The product is perforated to allow the necessary transmission of water vapor. Roll size is 54" x 200'.


  1. Work from the bottom to top, align the roll of house wrap with the first stud and unroll the product from the corner. Wrap the home as structure as you move around it. Make sure the product is installed with the reflective or "shiny" side facing out.
  2. The lowest edge of the house wrap should extend over the sill plate or foundation by 4-6".
  3. Make sure that the upper and lower sections of house wrap overlap each other by 2-3".
  4. Secure the reflective house wrap every 12-16" on the vertical studs. With wood, insulated sheathing board, or exterior gypsum board use large head or plastic washer head nails for best results. Wide staples with a minimum 1" crown can also be used.
  5. Unroll the house wrap directly over windows and doors without cutting.
  6. Be sure to install the reflective house wrap so as to cover both the top plates.
  7. Seal all seams with reflective foil tape. This includes all horizontal overlap joints between the upper and lower layers of house wrap as well as all vertical joints.
  8. Return to window and door openings and cut an "X". Pull the foil insulation inside and fold over the excess and fasten.
  9. Repair any accidental tears and punctures with reflective foil tape.
  10. Typical tape usage is 2 rolls of tape for each roll of reflective house wrap
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