Installation Sheet: Foundation Insulation on Outside Perimeter Wall

Insulating the perimeter of your foundation with InfraStop® Concrete Barrier Insulation is an excellent way to provide a vapor and radon barrier as well as adding additional R-Value. InfraStop®'s patented bubble/foil/bubble construction for use in radiant barrier concrete applications also eliminates basement dampness. InfraStop® creates a thermal break between the ground and the foundation wall stopping heat loss to the outside. It is quick and easy to install with basic tools. The product is also safe to handle and work with.

Installation Method

  1. Unroll Ultra Concrete Barrier Foil horizontally on the outside of foundation.
  2. Secure the insulation to the foundation using fasteners or adhesive.
  3. Seal all seams created with reflective foil tape. 3" roll width is easiest in these applications
  4. Back fill soil as usual.

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